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    The Czech designer and porcelain artist is collaborating with Pigmentarium to create new incense altars.

    Photo credit: Michael Dvořák

    Just about a year after the launch of the PIGMENTARIUM INCENSE COLLECTION, the brand presents the next artistic solution on how to use incense sticks in a stylish way. Four variations of incense sticks compiled under the name “BON VOYAGE” have already been carried by two stands designed by the sculptor Tereza Štetinová and those are made out of very precious wood. This original piece of art is dominated by the contrast of cubist lines and sharp edges.

    The new incense altar is PIGMENTARIUM’s novelty: a round and color-changing porcelain stand designed by one of the most important representatives of contemporary Czech porcelain design Daniel Piršč. It shows how porcelain can develop in the hands of real masters – turning into an object with such aesthetic to be appreciated and admired even if not being used for its original purpose.

    The oval stand of the size of a human palm is made with two different openings to insert incense sticks. Both openings or almost entrances are inspired by the idea of soft material and the dynamics of the object entering it: One is a progressing wave and the other a vertical fall into the interior of matter. Using a surface plating technique (the same Daniel Piršč is also using for his famous porcelain 3D wallpapers) the stands will be available in two colors: blue and pink. However, due to the shape of the object the color will keep changing depending on where and how you place it or what lighting is being used. The variation of shades is going from gold to green – letting the metallic surface of the stand shine impressively.


    Pigmentarium is a perfume house presenting a kaleidoscope of scents with emphasis on fine raw materials and essential oils of the highest quality. Pigmentarium is a celebration of beauty and harmony. Together with artists and artisans, it creates a symphony of senses inspired by the longest memory of man – the olfactory memory.

    Every single PIGMENTARIUM perfume is a creative statement of dreams, thoughts, and desires. None of them follows any trend – the scents are designed to underline the character of the person wearing it whether male or female. PIGMENTARIUM sources the very best quality of essential oils and fine raw materials to provide long-lasting, quality fragrances.


    Czech craftsmen and small family businesses take a crucial part in the individual elements of the PIGMENTARIUM products. Incense altars are made of precious wood, incense sticks are wrapped in hand-folded paper boxes, the labeling and the assembly itself are made locally with love to details and pride.

    The only exception is the incense sticks which are made in a traditional way in Sri Lanka, to ensure local production with the best craftsmen.

    “We respect honest work. We respect handcrafts. We collaborate with sculptor and  artist Tereza Štětinová, who created unique perfume stands and Incense Altar. All our packaging is handmade by a traditional Prague family company – Studio Činčera.”

    —PIGMENTARIUM creative duo Tomas Ric and Jakub Florian Hiermann


    Daniel Pirsc is a renowned Czech designer in the field of porcelain. His relentless pursuit of new applications for the luxurious medium of porcelain in interior decor, architecture and customised designs for his exclusive clientele have led to numerous design awards.

    Quality, production methods, innovative technology and exceptional design set Daniel Pirsc apart in the Czech Republic and abroad as a true master of his craft.

    Pirsc studied porcelain and ceramic at the renowned College of Industrial Arts. He has been operating the PIRSC PORCELAIN studio in Mikulov, Czech Republic since 2005 and is currently Head of Porcelain and Ceramics at the College of Industrial Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia.