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    Make Kitchen Time Joyful Again with These Amazing Products!

    Need some motivation to bring fun back to your kitchen?

    I don’t know about you, but I was in the ultimate cooking rut. Boring old chicken and steamed broccoli was not rocking my world and the kiddos just want McDonalds. UGH!!  Don’t get me started on my long list of Pinterest fails!! I was on a quest to Make Cooking Fun Again!  These simple ideas have totally upped my cooking game and I’m actually excited to get in the kitchen again…..seriously!!

    Summer is ready to end and we are welcoming the early Autumn! what better way to celebrate than with brand new,  delicious AvocadoMayonnaise from Better Body Foods.

    Avocado mania is real! For health, for taste, for their versatility…. avocados are all the rage.  What if I told you that you can get a mayonnaise made with 100% avocado oil instead of cheap and genetically modified soybean or canola oils?!?  I don’t know about you, but I would run to buy it.  Mayo gets such a bad rap, but now this guilty pleasure on your turkey sandwich is guiltless!  We can now celebrate MayoYAYse!

    Introducing Avocado Mayonnaise from BetterBody Foods.  The brand you trust with your healthy peanut butter powder, PBfit, your favorite Organic Superfood blend and much, much more.  BetterBody Foods makes eating healthy, easy and delicious!

    Why choose Avocado Mayonnaise from BetterBody Foods?

    It offers:

    ·      Cage Free Eggs

    ·      Non-GMO

    ·      Doesn’t contain soybean or canola oils

    ·      Gluten-Free

    ·      Keto friendly

    BetterBodyFoods Chipotle & Lime Avocado Mayonnaise – When I heard about avocado mayonnaise, I was so intrigued.  There was regular Avocado Mayo, but I had to try the Chipotle Lime flavor.  What is it about orange sauces that are so delectable? I made an assortment of sandwiches on yummy baguettes and slathered on the Chipotle Mayo.

    To die for!! I also whipped up some egg salad with it and almost lost my mind.  I could eat that every day.  And, I might.  It is actually so much better for you than regular mayo since it is made with avocado oil instead of the other fake, gross stuff!!

    Sometimes, we are just desiring to find some sweets in the kitchen and of course it is always smart to have some prepared!

    Dave’s Sweet Tooth –Real butter, real sugar, real milk chocolate, and hand sliced almonds prepared with love, one batch at a time, every time. And, naturally gluten free! With no artificial flavors, no preservatives and Kosher certified! Made the old fashioned way, creating handmade toffee without the use of machines, microwaves, or assembly lines. Using the very best ingredients remains a priority and a promise.

    When Dave Chmielewski started making toffee in his home kitchen, he never thought it would be where it is today. Dave, a retired Detroit Fire Fighter, had always loved to cook and bake. When he started making his infamous almond toffee however, the response was unlike anything he had seen before. People soon started calling the house and demanding that he make them some of this delicious treat. With a few homemade labels and some Ball mason jars, Dave began to sell his confectionary creation. What had started as a hobby quickly became more like a full-time job.

    Dave’s son, Andrew, had always loved his dad’s cooking, and when he saw the demand that his father’s toffee was creating, he knew that there was something there. In early 2011, inspired by his father’s recipe and eager to put his passion for business to work, Andrew decided to create a business that would allow people across the country to taste the decadent treat…not to mention, free up space in his mother’s kitchen.

    Dave’s Sweet Tooth was born. People started spreading the word, and soon, Dave’s Sweet Tooth was popping up in homes and businesses across the country, and even garnered national notoriety with an appearance on The Today Show and Good Morning America. The response was unanimous–people couldn’t get enough! And they still can’t. We sure hope to keep it that way. Sticking to the tradition of creating handmade toffee in our home state of Michigan remains a priority, and using the very best ingredients remains a promise.

    Dave’s Sweet Tooth keeps it simple. Fancy is too complicated. Real butter, real sugar, real milk chocolate, and hand sliced almonds prepared with love, one batch at a time, every time. Consistency is the key to our recipe. Dave’s Sweet Tooth doesn’t stockpile its ingredients. Dave’s Sweet Tooth purchases them according to order size to ensure freshness and maintain taste integrity.

    Dave’s Sweet Tooth has never had an unsatisfied customer, and they refuse to skip the small steps in order to keep it that way. Maybe a bit old fashioned, but they do not use machines, microwaves, or assembly lines to produce their toffee. Dave’s Sweet Tooth is and always will be; Hand Made. Homemade. Michigan Made.

    Smart Sweets- Are you craving candy but don’t want a crazy amount of sugar to go along with it? These gummy bears are the perfect thing for you! Every ingredient used is non-GMO, always real and never artificial. Feel good about enjoying chewy gummy bears that are bursting with juicy, fruity flavour.

    We all love a little something sweet in our lives, but can agree that we can use a little less sugar. That’s where SmartSweets comes in — what started as gummy bears with only three grams of sugar (traditional gummies have 24!) and just 90 calories, they are now rolling out their Vegan Sweet Fish and Sour Blast Buddies to the mix. Sweet-aholics rejoice — there’s something for everyone with SmartSweet candies.

    Why SmartSweets Has Regular Candy Whipped:

    • Just three grams of sugar per bag – 85% less than your average candy!
    • SmartSweets #KickSugar candies include Fruity Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Bears, Sour Blast Buddies and Sweet Fish
    • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Allergen friendly
    • Free from artificial Anything—say goodbye to artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners
    • Free from Sugar Alcohols
    • No Artificial Anything
    • Made in the USA
    • Buy online at SmartSweets.com or Amazon
    • Buy in store nationwide at Whole Foods and GNC + over 5000 retailers across Canada + USA

    Let us enjoy the kitchen again with all these sweet things. Making the life sweet with being healthier. For decorations, finding a splashback can also really transform your kitchen, they now have some really stylish ones out there these days, which will really light up your kitchen.