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    The Essential 5-Step Guide To Perfect Summer Skin



    Now that summer is here; you’ll be hanging out outside a lot more now. So you’ll want perfect skin at all times, so you are always looking your best. However, all this hot heat and summer sun can result in dry and flaky skin. Want to know how to get perfect summer skin? Here is my essential 5-step guide.


    Drink Plenty Of Water


    Just like your body, your skin needs to stay hydrated in the heat. So be sure to drink plenty of H2O. If it is a very hot day, you will be sweating more, which results in your skin losing a lot of its much-needed moisture. So the more you sweat, the more you need to drink! If you leave the house, keep a bottle of water with you so you can stay topped up!


    Moisturize Daily


    Moisturizing every day is another great way to make sure your skin doesn’t dry out. Be sure to moisturize first thing in the morning before you put your makeup on. The moisturizer will create a smooth surface to help your makeup go on a lot easier. And it can even help it stay on for longer and can help to stop it smudging when you sweat. You will be able to find tinted moisturizers that can help give your skin an awesome summer glow!


    Sun Protection


    If you are planning on being out in the sun for a long time, you should put plenty of sun cream on. This will keep your skin safe and prevent it from getting sunburnt. Try to find a cream that has a very high SPF. The higher the SPF, the longer you can stay out in the sun without reapplying the cream. If you are planning on going swimming, it can be a good idea to get waterproof sun cream. Protection against the sun is super important for your skin as excessive sunburn can lead to skin cancer.





    The best way to exfoliate your skin is to dry brush your body. Not only will it make your skin softer and give it a glow, but it also improves its circulation. When you brush, be sure to brush the skin in a direction towards the heart. This improves flow of the blood to the heart which can increase oxygenation in the muscles.


    See Your Dermatologist


    If you ever have any issues with your skin, such as rashes or frequent breakouts, it is always worth visiting your dermatologist. You can even go to your family doctor if they specialize in general dermatology. A skin specialist will be able to take a look at any issues you have and prescribe you with any necessary creams and lotions. Your skin will improve in no time at all and will be back to its usual healthy self!

    If you follow these five steps, you will see a big improvement in your summer skin. Getting perfect skin is one of the best ways to get a great summer glow and to be beach ready!