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    How to Wear: @Reebok DMX Sky

    Reebok to debut DMX Sky.  Ridiculous Cushioning with three rows of bubbles that create an underfoot stream of moving air for a run that turns concrete into clouds innovation you can feel.  These crazy shoes are not for the faint of heart and definitely not for the wallflower in you. I am really feeling these and here is how I would wear them.


    The instant you put it on, you can feel the moving air… resulting in unparalleled cushioning and comfort giving you cushioning where you need it, when you need it. DMX Sky is the alternative to minimalist running footwear.  It provides maximum protection between your foot and the ground.

    Reebok’s DMX Sky running footwear features DMX technology moving air.  The beauty of moving air is that it doesn’t wear out like traditional foam cushioning.  In the marketplace now, most competitors use pressurized air but Reebok is one of the only brands to bring consumers moving air. Because the moving air in DMX Sky is unpressurized, the runner determines how the cushioning moves. In effect, customizing the cushioning underfoot.

    Reebok DMX Sky-Womens-V51969

     Reebok’s DMX Sky debuts March 1st for men and for women for $130 at key retailers including Finish Line and Reebok.com.