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    Travel with Your @DogVacay

    Pet owners are undoubtedly obsessive about their furry friends. In fact, 81% of dog owners consider Fido a member of the family.  And yet, according to the APPA’s 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey, 75% of dog owners don’t take their pet with them when they travel.

    Anyone with a dog will tell you the dread that comes with putting their dog away in a kennel cage for a week. Or the hassle of trying to find a pet-friendly hotel.

    With the holidays coming, travel is set to see it’s standard bump of 54% for Thanksgiving and 23% during Christmas/New Years, and the obsessive 62% of us who own pets will be faced with the tough decision of what to do with our non-human family members.

    A survey from TripAdvisor revealed that over 6 million dog owners just give up and don’t travel because of their pet, and 21% of those who do travel with their pet admit to having smuggled their pet into a hotel room.

    This is the first year there’s a solution, and it’s thanks to the popularity of social networks like Facebook that have made it so easy for people with like-minds to find each other.

    DogVacay is the new online community of qualified home dog boarding professionals that gives travelers deluxe accommodations for Fido if he needs to be left behind, or gives travelers a nearby home to leave their dogs if their hotel isn’t pet-friendly.

    It’s like AirBNB for your dog! Check it out on http://dogvacay.com/