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    Hey New Yorkers! Going away on Holiday soon and worried about your pooch? Check out the ‘at home’ sitter community on Rover.com. If you don’t have a ton of people who can walk your dog and give him some TLC while you are away, you may be able to find someone on this online community that connects dog owners with dog sitters in their area.

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    Through my dog, I have made really great friends and you can too with Rover.com!


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    Rover.com is the leading online community that connects dog owners with trusted dog sitters, and is where dogs beg to stay. We believe that all dogs deserve safe, loving homes even when their owners are away, and that’s why we created Rover. Our services provide an alternative to traditional caged boarding facilities, or family, friends and neighbors who are often asked to sit in a pinch. Rover currently operates nationwide, with 150,000 members enrolled, more than 25,000 approved sitters in over 4,300 cities across the U.S., and approximately 1,000 sitter options in each of the top 20 markets. Additionally, we believe all dogs deserve a happy and loving home and that’s why we’re committed to supporting animal shelters and companion animal programs across the nation. We also make it easy for sitters to donate a portion of their proceeds to local shelters through our Sit-a-Dog, Save-a-Lifeprogram, saving the lives of dogs everywhere.

    Check out Rover and become a neighborhood sitter or find a dog friend!

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