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    Give Your Hair a New Lease on Life

    For many women, having great hair is a big part of feeling beautiful. In the pursuit of the hair they desire, women make the decision to transform it by coloring, bleaching, chemical straightening and everyday styling, but it comes at a price: the healthy look of their hair. In fact, 76% of women have damaged hair, and 10% have extremely damaged hair.Scan 272

    Damage of the hair surface is typically manifested by the inability to repel water and an increase in the combing force (due to removal of the protective lipid layer and lift, clipping and erosion of the cuticles). Internal hair damage is manifested by the loss of mechanical strength, increased porosity and structural changes to the keratin; the main building block of hair.


    New Dove Regenerative Nourishment offers a relief from the anxiety of persistent hair damage, leaving hair perfectly nourished and 100% visibly damage free. Drawing inspiration from ingredients in nature, the NEW and unique formulas, with Red Algae + Keratin NutriComplex, replenish nutrients and restore the integrity of the hairs’ internal structure by directly interacting with keratin, reconstructing and strengthening it.  With strands as smooth, strong and manageable as hair that has never been damaged, women can feel empowered to style their hair however they want without the worry of hair damage.


    Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo

    • Eliminates signs of damage for healthy looking hair
    • Replenishes nutrients and reinforces hair inside and out, making damaged hair stronger against breakage
    • SRP: $4.99


    Regenerative Nourishment Conditioner

    • Instantly nourishes for smooth hair as if undamaged
    • Repairs the internal structure and instantly leaves hair with a healthy look and feel
    • SRP: $4.99


    Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-oil

    • This Serum-in-oil from Dove brings together the nourishing power of an oil with a serum’s restorative qualities to create one potent  Serum-in-oil formula
    • The oil part of the formula penetrates deep inside the hair and nourishes, while also interacting with the serum part, to thin is texture and improve the spreading on the hair surface, providing excellent smoothness, shine and manageability
    • Instantly rescues the healthy appearance of extremely damaged hair making it shiny and soft
    • Strengthens and prevents split ends
    • SRP: $5.99