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    MMXV Infinitude Launches Infinitude in Bergdorf Goodman

    MMXV Infinitude Launches Infinitude in Bergdorf Goodman:

    The Multi-Function Moisturizer for All Ages and Skin Types

    Dr. Mirela Mitan spent more than 25 years developing formulas and working with some of the largest beauty companies in the world. A pioneer in the field, she has been instrumental in both discovering and sourcing the most effective ingredients and creating the most successful formulas and products. With a PHD in Biochemistry and an MBA in Luxury Marketing, Dr. Mitan is the author of more than 25 publications and patents.

    Dr. Mitan has taken her decades of experience, and combined them with the industry’s best established practices to create a skincare line unlike any other. This product contains superior and unique ingredients with scientifically advanced technology and powerful, patented formulas.

    Heydoyou editor Lulu with Dr. Mitan

    Infinitude is launched at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, Cos Bar (located in Brookfield Place), and Nordstrom Online. Infinitude is a multifunctional, not multi-step product designed to simplify your daily routine, as a unique infusion of fermented white truffle, falernum grape extract, pure olive oil together with three types of hyaluronic acids.

    Infinitude is one product, with seven solutions, the first and only formula calibrated to give your skin exactly what it needs, day after day, regardless of skin type. Infinitude has transformative skin benefits as it moisturizes, nourishes, balances, eliminates the look of wrinkles, virtually erases fine lines, plumps skin, increases elasticity, evens tone, illuminates, prevents scarring, lightens the look of brown spots and smooths scars – all with just one product.

    When you apply MMXV Infinitude, a revolutionary cytomimetic technology “reads” the macromolecular construction of the skin, allowing each ingredient to work with optimal efficiency, whatever the skin type and whatever its age.

    “This is my life’s work. MMXV Infinitude is a results-based product developed in world-class laboratories, but it’s composition also acknowledges a secret cosmetic tradition going back to the Romans. And it works!

    Dr. Mirela Mitan.