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    Say No To Night Sweats

    Completely frustrated with all the tossing and turning and wake up drenched?

    If you or your partner suffers from night sweats, you know how uncomfortable and exhausting they can be. Night swear sufferers rejoice! Thanks to brand new innovative technology, DrySleeping, designed by a NASA engineer, you can put the problem to rest (literally!), once and for all.

    Use it cold, room temperature or warm! DrySleeping Comfort System is the only product that solves the root cause of excessive night sweats: Humidity!

    You don’t need expensive sheets, cooling pads or fans that blow air under your covers all night. DrySleeping is the only product to remove excess humidity from your sleeping environment so you don’t sweat… AND… unlike those bulky sheets, pads and blowers, DrySleeping fits into any suitcase or duffle bag so you can take it with you to sleep dry everywhere you go!

    DrySleeping Comfort System

    • Improves quality of sleep by reducing night sweats
    •  Pulls moisture away from your body, and dehumidifies the air surrounding you which actually helps you sweat less
    • Helpful for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, menopause, hot flashes, or fever sweats
    • Can be used warm or cold for desired temperature, and can soothe aching joints because of the temperature effect
    • Relief from side effects of medication and illness

    For more information, check out at here: https://www.drysleeping.com/.