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    How The Better Skin Co. Celebrates This Coming Earth Day

    Every time when we have a disaster, no matter it’s a natural disaster or a virus pandemic like this time. It always reminds human beings to treat our earth better, to cherish the land we live on, to protect the planet together. What are you going to do at this year’s Earth Day? I guess all we can help is just stay at home, following your state rules. In honor of Earth Day—Wednesday, April 22—The Better Skin Co. has a nice promotion that I would like to introduce to you.

    From April 20-24, All Better Skin Co products will be 25% off on TheBetterSkinco.com and Amazon. (Use code ED2020 on Thebetterskinco.com) For every product purchased, The Better Skin Co. will donate one tree to American Forests in your name.

    The Better Skin Co. focuses on clean, multi-tasking formulations that mix natural and organic ingredients boosted with a bit of science. All of The Better Skin Co. products are Vegan, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free and made in the USA.

    The Better Skin Co. follows the Whole Foods Clean Label List. They leave out any ingredients they deem unworthy of clean products. They post all ingredients on their site and include an ingredient dictionary for further clarification.

    Gender, age, nationality, race, religion, politics, sexual orientation, and all other categories society uses to define people are what to celebrates at The Better Skin Co. It is For All People. The name is why The Better Skin Co. exists and expresses their one true goal…Better Skin For All People.

    Popular product at The Better Skin Co.



    “This stuff really is a “mirakle””

    This stuff helped me clear up my dark spots and any other blemishes I had!! My skin is slightly sensitive and this didnt cause ANY breakouts like a lot of other creams do. I honeslty don’t think I can go without this cream in my routine!! I’m even writing about it in my beauty blog (@brokesisballin on Instagram)!! 
    – Kyra S.

    #1 selling product with proven clinical results. Nature plus science combine to create a Day cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Brightener, and Primer – All In One. Moisturize and fight the signs of aging. Dry skin, dark spots, and fine lines are no match for Better Skin Mirakle Cream.

    Good for all people.

    Genius in a Jar. One-stop, skin-loving, problem-solving, all-purpose cream. This ingredient rich recipe, imported from the Republic of Uzbekistan, is handcrafted in the USA with love and beautiful ingredients such as coconut oil, sea buckthorn, shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe, and soothing algae to help moisturize the skin. Peptides and hyaluronic acid help skin appear smoother, more youthful and radiant.

    • Reduces appearance of visible signs of aging

    • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    • Increase in radiance and luminosity

    • Assist in hydrating the skin

    • Soothes dry skin

    • May reduce the appearance of sun spots, age spots and dark spots



    “Lava Magik keeps my skin smooth and young!!”

    My skin can be scaly and dry, showing every flaw. Lava Magik keeps it smooth and soft and my skin looks so much better and younger. 
    – Karen K.

    A triple threat 3 in 1: Cleanser, Exfoliator, and Mask. Lava Magik works to give the skin a more radiant and youthful appearance. French Lava wrapped in nourishing calendula, grapeseed, cucumber, and chamomile. Customize usage to fit your skincare needs.

    Good for all people.

    Triple Threat. A daily cleanser, exfoliating scrub and revitalizing mask. Skin cleansing volcanic lava from France enriched with nourishing calendula, sweet orange and grapeseed oils, cucumber, parsley, and chamomile for healthy radiant, more youthful looking skin.

    • May be used as a cleanser, scrub & mask

    • Buffs away dead skin cells creating the appearance of a more youthful lookingglow

    • Rich in minerals

    • Minimizes appearance of pores

    • Increases appearance of radiant skin


    1. Amaze Balm

    Good for all people.

    Prepare to be Amazed. Nourish your skin with Ultra Rich Amaze Balm and it will love you. Oil of Coconut, Avocado, Sunflower, Evening Primrose and Sea Buckthorn create a silky-smooth slip. Shea Butter, Lanolin and Beeswax assist in creating the creamy goodness that will excite and satisfy your skin. Scented with a hint of grapefruit.

    Key Benefits

    • Ultra hydrating & nourishing

    • Reduces the appearance of puffiness

    • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    • Excellent as a sleeping mask

    • Decreases appearance of hyperpigmentation creating brighter skin

    2. Epik C Serum

    Good for all people.

    The Power Trio Complex is a blend of cutting edge plant based technology combined with Vitamin C. The complex gives the appearance of tighter, brighter skin while using natural botanicals and fruit extracts to protect from pollutants. Scented with a hint of lemon.

    Key Benefits

    • Contains the Power Trio Complex of Majestem ™, Vitamin C and PhytoVie®

    • Majestem ™ provides a visible tightening and lifting effect

    • Vitamin C assists in brightening dull skin

    • Vitamin C assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    • PhytoVie® pollution defense acts as a practical ‘pollution shield’

    3. Lotion Kleanse

    Good for all people.

    Dirty? Dry? Delicate? Treat your skin to a gentle, luxurious cleanse that removes impurities and assists in melting away makeup. Moisturizing shea butter complimented with aloe and soothing green tea prep the skin for the perfect cleanse. Our seaweed trio combined with nourishing cocoa seed butter soothes the skin. Sea buckthorn, filled with Vitamin A, C, E and Omega 7 are free radical warriors that work to protect your skin while experiencing the perfect cleanse. Happy Skin = Happy People.

    Key Benefits

    • For Normal to dry and delicate skin

    • Moisturizes while cleansing

    • Gently Soothes delicate skin

    • Assist in melting away makeup

    About American Forests: 

    American Forests has been restoring forests for more than 140 years. Since 1990 alone, American Forests have planted nearly 60 million trees in forest restoration projects in all 50 states. American Forests has also worked in dozens of cities across America, expanding tree canopy and improving the quality of life for residents. Together, these projects recover hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat, safeguard vital watersheds, absorb millions of tons of greenhouse gases and protect some of the most stunning landscapes in America. At the same time, American Forests use trees and greenspace to make communities more sustainable, beautiful and livable.

    By the way, C’est Moi Beauty is also running a valuable and environmentally-conscious promotion. From April 13-26, all EWG-verified skincare & color-cosmetics products from C’est Moi will be 20% off on Cestmoi.com with code SPRINGCLEAN.

    All C’est Moi items purchased on Amazon between April 22-April 30 will be 15% off.

    C’est Moi products are clean, gentle, effective, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Hypo-Allergenic, Dermatologist Tested, made with natural & organic ingredients and do not contain any Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Silicone or Dyes.

    All C’est Moi product packaging is FSC-certified and recyclable!