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    The World’s First Individually Packaged Compostable Gloves

    Say Goodbye to Plastic Pollution! 24 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean each year. Everyone tries to be part of the solution, not the problem. By using renewable plant-based materials that are sustainable and compostable, Eco Gloves helps to reduce carbon footprint by 68% compared to traditional plastics. Clean hands, clean environment, and clean conscious—that’s what Eco Gloves is all about.

    Eco Gloves is the first to offer biodegradable and compostable gloves, making them the world leader in providing eco-friendly hand protection solutions. The compact individual packets make Eco Gloves easy to pack in your bag or pocket!

    Eco Gloves are here to help you take care of business no matter the mess at hand. These eco-friendly individually wrapped Eco Gloves provide the convenience of disposable gloves in a plant-based and compostable alternative. From pumping gas, to dirty diapers, to greasy meals and messy clean ups—these gloves can help you do it all.

    Two gloves packed in convenient size packets help you keep your hands clean at home and on the go and are perfect for your purse, pocket, wallet, diaper bag or anywhere you might need an emergency stash! They’re non-plastic, non-nitrile, latex free, BPA free, powder free, and paraben free so you can use them without worry. Made from sustainably harvested premium plant-based materials, these ultra-thick and durable gloves are here to shield you from the scariest of germs and messiest of messes.

    At Eco Gloves they care deeply about preserving the environment. For that reason, they have ensured that their compostable disposable gloves AND its packaging are fully certified to the highest standards in the USA and EU. The gloves comply with the U.S. standard ASTM D6400, as well as European TUV Austria for ‘OK Biobased’ and ‘OK to Compost’ EN 13432 for backyard composting. The glove materials contain no nasty EPI additives, no polyethylene plastics, and decompose into water, carbon dioxide and biomass within 90 days when placed in a controlled composting environment, leaving behind no microplastics and releasing no harmful chemicals during this process.

    Eco Gloves cares about your hands, your health and Mother Earth, which is why they chose a fully compostable and chemical-free material to protect you, our landfills and oceans from being polluted with wasteful plastics.

    * ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Eco Gloves are the perfect comfortable fit for universal use. These loose fit gloves are easier to put on and take off and provide enough flexibility to wrap over dirty items (diapers, trash, or pet waste) or soiled objects to be tossed out together. All products are in stock and ready to ship. Get effective, comfortable and reliable protection with Eco Gloves now.