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    Smart Glass Jewelry Brings “Sustainable” to Coastal Cowgirl

    The beach is calling… if you can’t answer right now at least you can wear a little piece of beach glass style jewelry until vacation time comes. Smart Glass necklaces are made from the necks of salvaged beverage bottles, then tumbled in my fake ocean (mixer full of sand and salt water) until they look like a treasure you would find while your toes are in the sand…

    From chunky rings to eye-catching hoops, get ready to make your summer sparkle with the beach-vibe infused collections from Smart Glass Jewelry! Each piece gets its gorgeous hue from post-consumer bottles that are gathered, cut, fired, and tumbled in order to give them a new, more glamorous life.

    Channel the season’s biggest Coastal Cowgirl trends with:

    Cube Rings – Go big using natural materials with the ultimate “cocktail” rings for nights out or weekend brunches with the gals.

    Gold Seaglass Style Simple Earrings – Show off your breezy side with these lightweight hoops that are sure to become your daily staple.

    Wave Open Necklace – Unusual cuts and shapes are in right now, and this organic wave textured pendant isn’t afraid to flaunt it.

    Because each bottle and cut differs, each piece is completely unique and ready to show off your stylish side.

    Aqua is from a Bombay Sapphire bottle

    Cobalt is from a vodka bottle

    Pine is from a red wine bottle

    Antique clear is from a Coca-Cola bottle

    Periwinkle is from a Sake bottle

    Here are my favorite styles:

    Gold Large Wave Pendant

    Part fashion, part art, Smart Glass large wave pendant is striking and unusual. The ruffled glass has movement and texture. Largest piece of glass will be approximately 3 inches of glass cut from a recycled bottle, complemented by the two inner colors of your choice. 18 inch gold fill satellite chain. Patented.

    • Pictured in teal from a Riesling bottle, sage from a Chardonnay bottle, and amber from a beer bottle

    All Smartglass Jewelry purchases come beautifully boxed with an artist card, handcrafted and recycled story, and bottle key card included.

    When art imitates life… and life is art… Every single evening we are gifted an art show to experience. Don’t forget to notice… and don’t forget to support artists.  Less trash: More fashion. Necklace made from post-consumer beverage bottles.

    Mosaic Cube Ring Gold

    Post-consumer bottles are collected from restaurants, friends, and the occasional dumpster, then cut and fired to create beautiful and unique mosaic glass pieces for these ultimate “cocktail” rings. 22K gold plated pewter. Glass approximately .75 inch by .75 inch square.

    *Adjustable band for custom fit size 4-8
    *Chunky glass for ultimate wow factor
    *Glass varies so your ring is one-of-a-kind
    *Gift boxed for easy giving

    • Confetti from Bombay Sapphire gin bottles and beer
    • Pastel from Sake bottles
    • Ocean from a vodka bottle and Coca-Cola bottle
    • Wine from red wine bottle, white wine bottle, and Riesling bottle

    All Smartglass Jewelry purchases come beautifully boxed with an artist card, handcrafted and recycled story, and bottle key card included.

    Kathleen Plate, the talented artist behind Smart Glass Jewelry, has always loved to create beautiful things. The seeds of her love affair with glass were planted in childhood, when her mother taught her how to solder and work with stained glass. One of Kathleen’s gifts is understanding the strengths of different tools and techniques, and then using them (often unexpectedly!) for new applications. As a graduate student and in need of a gift for a friend’s birthday, Kathleen made a pair of earrings out of glass, applying her unique perspective. The earrings were a total success and so, the path began!

    The entire process, from dumpster diving for empties to styling the perfect piece of jewelry for a night out on the town is part of my art.

    Born and raised in Cathlamet, a small town in Washington State, her small-town roots are evident in her minimalist, “keep it simple” design philosophy. Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, you’ll find her every day in her studio, tinkering and creating, and hitting the occasional dumpster at night.

    When not in the studio, Kathleen loves to travel (and has visited every country in Latin America!), has swum with Whale Sharks, is terrified of blue eels, and is currently learning Spanish. She just completed her second Master’s degree, just for fun.

    visit kathleenplate.com