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    E&E Grill House – Best Restaurant in Times Square

    E&E Grill House, part of the EE Hospitality Group, is a New York neighborhood restaurant ideally located among the bright lights of Broadway in historic Times Square. They treat the guests like family. They are a locally owned and operated restaurant. They calling card? They are a grill house—the fun, more dynamic cousin of the steakhouse. They serve excellent food at fair prices with an emphasis on grilled items and the freshest ingredients. Their menu has tasty dishes that delight vegetarians and fish lovers, – but it is our steaks and meat selections that satisfy a carnivore’s cravings! Click Here for a Full Menu.

    E&E Grill House fits the following categories:

    -Pre theater pre-fix meal in Times Square

    -Best of the theater district

    -Best value of the theater district

    -Best value for a steakhouse

    -Best burger – our “Grill House Burger” has been praised since the first day we opened as one of the best in the city (photo below).