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    Love These!: React by Sof Sole Insole Line

    Did you know that the average person creates over one million pounds of impact to their feet and legs by just walking one mile?! I didn’t, but now that I do I’m making more of an effort to reduce the impact of walking/running on my feet and legs. I recently received two pairs of React Airr Active and React Airr Support by React by Sof Sole, and immediately put them in my running shoes and in my walking shoes to test them out. I noticed the difference IMMEDIATELY. I was able to run longer while at the gym, as my feet were super comfortable, and I didn’t feel that sometimes irritating feeling I get in my feet, ankles and right knew. Magic! Even jump roping (which I love) has become much more enjoyable thanks to these bad boys!

    Then I took them for a walk, and walked all over downtown for about 4 hours, and didn’t feel the need to sit down once, or jump on the next street car just so I could rest my feet. It was fantastic. No pain, no nothing. I’m in love.

    So what makes these insoles so awesome? Well… they have an ergonomic design which accommodates all foot types and the air chamber and polymer gel technologies maximize performance, shock absorption, breathability and comfort.

    The Goods:

    • Polymer Gel Forefoot: Absorbs shock and reduces pressure points during toe off while running of playing sports.
    • Polyurethane Foot Bed: Provides lightweight and durable comfort for the entire foot.
    • Encapsulated Air Chamber: Optimizes cushioning by decelerating impact forces on heel strike and rebounding on lift-off.
    • Contoured Heel and Arch: Designed for athletes with neutral to high arches.
    • Moisture Management: Proprietary technology wicks moisture away from the foot surface and keeps your feet cooler and dryer.

    I’ve been wearing mine everywhere, and if I could put them in my heels I would… hmmm that’s an idea. If you’re looking to improve performance in the gym, when playing sports, or just want to make your walking a more pleasant experience; RUN to the nearest Foot Locker and get yourself a pair. Do it. The React Airr Active is available for men and women for $29.99 and the React Airr Support is #34.99, also available for men and women. Now go and get a pair. You’ll thank me later.

    Thank you to Sof Sole for sharing this with us!