• Las Vegas

    Save your Skin with Evermore

    I had the pleasure of meeting Nick and trying Evermore this year at Cosmoprof Las Vegas and immediately saw how special him and the products were.  This product has 4 items and they all have their own restorative and repairing  functions. It is difficult to have the discipline and time to take care of your skin with an active lifestyle so Evermore is a great solution. The key feature is the product has no fragrance at all. If you have sensitive skin, fragrance or a ‘masking’ fragrance can still be a factor to irritate it. So Evermore is really scentless.

    Besides the skincare, the story of how Nick started the brand is also pretty cool. See below and check out their products on Amazon!

    Evermore Skin was founded in Huntington Beach California where sunshine and the beach is a way of life. Living in sunny Southern California leads to a very active lifestyle where being exposed to the elements takes a toll on your body and skin. Growing up, my family and I spent countless hours camping in Carpinteria State Beach,  sailing to Catalina, night diving for lobster, spearfishing the Channel Islands and many other outdoor activities. My Mom was always a stickler for putting sunscreen on all of the kids. I hated the way it felt and never wanted to put it on, but after getting sunburned a time or two, I quickly realized the importance of protecting, repairing, and restoring my skin from the sun and other natural  elements.


    In looking for something that would protect and restore my skin, I found several skincare companies that catered to women, but had a hard time finding a men’s line or even unisex products. So I decided to create my own. After extensive research I found a scientific laboratory to create a anti-aging skincare line that was specifically designed for all skin types, creating the perfect combination of modern technology and natural ingredients to bring you Evermore Skin.

    Nicholas Gallyon