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    Treat Mom to a feast for the eyes this Mother’s Day with Eye Origin New York’s stunning art gallery!

    In the city that never sleeps New Yorkers can step up their gift giving game after brunch this Mother’s Day with an immersive art experience courtesy of Eye Origin.

    Eye Origin combines macro, fine art, and commercial photography to produce stunning, high-quality, and unique photographs. With every human eye being different, carrying characteristics unique to that person, it’s not something that can be replicated. However, it is something that will intrigue the viewer and become a timeless piece of art.

    Please check out this video.

    Eye Origin’s technology can capture a person’s unique eye features, from the slightest wrinkles to specks of pigment. By carefully editing each individual’s iris which is made up of millions of colors that are all different shades and intensities they make it stand out as its own.This type of art is so distinctive that it draws everyone in and people want one to make their own mark in their homes. It’s an art piece that can never be repeated.

    With locations in Barcelona, Nice, Ibiza, and Antibes, Eye Origin is now in NYC located in Flatiron District and SoHo.

    The process:

    Book an appointment: https://eye-origin.us

    Visit the Gallery: At your appointment, Eye Origin will capture an image using unparalleled iris photography. The technology displays distinct features of the iris, which is made up of millions of colors of all different shades and intensities. After meticulous editing, the final image is breathtaking, singular only to the person whose eye it is.

    Choose your frame: Eye Origin pieces are framed professionally in-house and available in different finishes (acrylic and premium acrylic), frames (round, block or square) and sizes (from 8 to 47 inches).

    Receive your Eye Origin by mail: For convenience, Eye Origin provides worldwide shipping so you can open your masterpiece immediately and find the perfect place to elevate your interior. In addition, you receive a JPEG. file of your eye to save and share your own beauty anywhere.

    With no two pieces alike, each Eye Origin piece is an original work of art that is custom framed by the gallery. Pricing ranges from $149 for digital to $400 to $5,000 depending on size. Prints can be shipped globally for the benefit of world travelers, those who do not live in close proximity to the galleries and individuals who receive an Eye Origin piece as an unforgettable gift.

    To schedule an Eye Origin appointment at its New York City locations, visit the gallery online.

    For more information, visit the website and follow Eye Origin USA on Instagram.

    Addresses of Flatiron Location

    A 1-min walk from the Flatiron Building

    168 5th Ave

    New York, NY 10010

    Hours 11am-8pm

    Address of SoHo Location

    409 W Broadway

    New York, NY 10012

    Hours 11am-8pm