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    Fall Skincare Tips

    Going, going, gone; yes, summer is officially over and there’s a new but familiar and wonderful season that you should not welcome unprepared. You may have already made some changes and just as there are new colors and fabrics sitting in your closet, your skincare cabinet is also due for a transformation. This is a very important transition and one that should be done with thoughtfulness and care because you’re not only upgrading your skincare game for the fall but also eradicating some of summer’s less than welcome souvenirs. In order to welcome the golden season in style, attention must be paid and steps must be taken, so let’s just jump right into it.

    Stop dryness in its tracks

    As soon as temperatures drop you’ll notice two things you certainly didn’t sign up for – dry and flaky skin. This is unacceptable and should be nipped in the bud. While heavier moisturizers might have been unwanted during the summer as they do tend to be a bit greasier, they are more than welcome as soon as seasons change. Heavy moisturizer is great but for fall, your best choice is an oil-based moisturizer, and while you’re upgrading, you might want to introduce serum into your skincare routine. The serum is as close to a magic nourishing potion for the skin and we’re all missing out if we’re not using one.

    Step up your game

    You probably already own a high SPF sunscreen, after all, summer is about fun in the sun, but it’s also about protecting the skin from the harms of UVA and UVB rays. You may, however, still be unaware that skin protection is an all-year-round job as those harmful rays never rest. That is why you need to step up your game, and go for broad or even better, full-spectrum sunscreen that will protect you from both these rays.

    Exfoliation ruling the nation

    While regular and proper exfoliation, as well as quality purifying face masks, are your friend and ally all year long, you need to ‘hang out’ with them even more as summer fades away. The harsher weather can and is harsh on the skin, so if you want to keep it healthy and plump, those dead cells and flakiness need to go away. Don’t use abrasive exfoliators but go with gentle ones as these won’t cause inflammation and irritation but simply leave your skin cleansed and rejuvenated – with tenderness. Call upon your masks every so often (2-3 times a week) for deep cleansing and pore unclogging. As Japanese gals know skincare best, one of your best mask options is definitely the Detox & Defense Clay Massage & Wash by Pola Skincare, particularly because it can be used as a mask as well as a wash, so you kill two birds with one stone. Your skin will thank you for summoning these friends.

    Cut all ties

    Yes, you need to cut all ties with summer and that means saying goodbye to some of the less pleasant ‘remains’ of the season. You simply have to admit that, during this carefree time, your dedication to skin care takes a back seat as the fun takes the wheel and more often than not you’re left with the damage. So, take care of those freckles with amazing products designed for fighting them and definitely make sure to find a great non-invasive melasma treatment as you don’t want to put off dealing with this condition. Telltale signs of aging will only get more prominent if ignored, so make sure to undo summer’s doing as soon as it walks out the door.

    Last but not least

    We need to talk about the lips. They’re often overlooked and in order for them to be plump and kissable (and matte lipstick-ready), they need some love and devotion. While you could purchase a lip exfoliator you’re actually better off making your own. A bit of honey and sugar will do the trick and leave the lips soft and smooth. For everyday care always have a great protective balm with you, and if you have a tendency to switch bags often, keep a balm in every one of them. Harsh weather should not stand in the way of soft kisses.