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    (NY) Dylan’s Candy Bar

    Janice came to visit me and dieting is not our resolution so we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar!  FYI, being Ralph Lauren’s daughter, it’s not so hard to make your dreams come true… Dylan’s shop is wonderous, sugary paradise.

    The world’s largest candy store, $12.99/lbs… yum yum yum!

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    Sweet Fashion

    “The Couture Lollipop combines a striking design and contemporary fashion in a deliciously sweet confection that is wonderfully portable and ever-changing”
    Lollipops just got 100 times better, and cuter!
    They always tell you that you’ll miss the days of being a kid. Here’s a tasty and fashionable way of bringing back the good ole days without being childish! lol
    Black Onyx: Exciting. Fashionable. Collectable.
    Katy Perry & Rihanna are feelin them!
    Opaque Cherry Flavour! mmmmm!
    Sugar Factory has created bejeweled and custom handles that you can pair with a rainbow assortment of lollipop flavors.
    R.i.p DJ AM

    We match our shoes and accessories, so why not match our lollipops!
    For more info on couture pops click here!