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    Dubai Designer: Canella Hostal Couture VFW’17


    Have you ever been curious about designers and their thought-process before going in front of thousands of people and live television? I have! I’ve also, been reluctant to voice a question such as “what were you thinking?” for fear that my question will be received with an intense glare and angry bird eyes. In my quiet voice, a “sorry” would be uttered as I back up and run far far away.

    Attending four previous fashion weeks in Toronto, this year, I was invited to Vancouver Fashion Week for the first time. For a full week, VFW Founder and Producer Jamal Abdourahman introduced me to various designers showcasing their creations – my question nagging in the back of my mind. By the fifth day, I was seated next to a lovely woman designer – Canella Hostal – whom I discovered would be showcasing her designs the following evening.

    After talking for awhile and watching another runway show, I blurt out “When you are creating a collection, what is going through your head? Do you ever look at other designer collections, compare or think they are nuts?” I cringe, waiting for angry bird eyes. Canella laughs and explains “The runway is the one place where a designer gets to show off just how creative they are. Sure, you can make the designs mainstream, but on that one day, you get to show the world just how creative you are – you want to go all out. Every piece expresses an emotion, impression or feeling you were having at a particular time. Musicians express it through music, Artist with art, and Designers with each piece.”

    Backstage with Designer Canella Hostal
    Backstage with Designer Canella Hostal

    We have become so accustomed to cheap and mainstream clothing that the thought of clothes being art never crosses the majority of our minds. How we piece each item together gives one “self-identity” but what about the cuts, fabrics, and colours? What story do they tell? Fashion week allows designers, local and internationally, to express themselves through designs and materials that are sometimes not considered by the mainstream consumer. For sure they dictate what the next trend is by including it in the overall design and it’s easy to spot, but after this conversation, I now know what to say to that person who blurts out “what is that?” while attending a fashion show.

    Canella Hostal is a French-born, Dubai-living Designer and Teacher at Esmod Dubai. Lines, stripes, flowers and tropical feelings inspire her newest collection ‘Tropical Symphony’ – This is the identity for the collection.

    Canella commented, “Mixing flowers and playing with the stripes were very challenging and I loved it! Flowers and stripes are quite the opposite of each other; flowers reflect spring and summer and are soft and delicate. On the other hand, stripes are straight to a point with no limits and totally free.” Canella Hostal Couture SS17 follows her authentic touch, by combining colors such as; blue, red, white, orange and pink. Her new collection includes menswear for the first time.

    Male model wearing an intricately embroidered suit.


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    BeautyCon NYC


    As a makeup enthusiast, attending BeautyCon this past Saturday was a dream come true! BeautyCon brings together some of the biggest names in Youtube, Instagram, etc. They are the world’s premiere fashion, beauty, wellbeing & lifestyle destination for fans, brands, and content creators. Held at Pier 36, this year’s BeautyCon hosted big online names like Bethany Mota, Julia Kelly, Lo Bosworth, Jay Manuel, and a special performance from my personal favorite Jojo!


    My favorite booth this year was essie where the offered complimentary manicures and a giveaway for their entire fall collection! They also offered tutorials for achieving awesome designs and showing off more of your creative side. Safe to say I finally learned how to paint my own nails(check photo below for proof)!


    About BeautyCon: At #BeautyConNYC, hundreds of content creators and celebrities came together to network, mingle, discuss the future of online media, hang with you and participate in panel discussions + Q&As. Thousands of beauties attended BeautyCon NYC to participate in interactive presentations, watch performances, create content, shop, play games, learn about new products, and above all, mingle with some of their favorite content creators!

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    Dove Advanced Hair Series: Oxygen Moisture Collection

    This past week I was lucky enough to attend Dove’s Hair Series event for their Oxygen Moisture Collection. As a person with flat, fine hair, this product was absolutely everything I needed. I always have a really hard time adding volume to my hair and giving my hair that “natural and relaxed” look some women are just born with.


    Dove Oxygen Moisture, part of the Dove Advanced Hair Series, is made for women with fine hair to deliver moisture and volume in one. The advanced formulas allow women seeking volume to achieve 95 percent more body and fullness after just one wash. I was very excited to receive the  Oxygen Moisture collection from the Dove team! After just one wash my hair smelled amazing and had the ideal balance of moisture and volume. End result? Fuller-looking hair, tangle free, and easy to manage!


    Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

    Mild formulas that deliver moisture and volume in one Shampoo gently cleanses with a creamy lather

    Creates bounce, fullness, and natural-looking volume Conditioner absorbs effortlessly into hair

    Delicately smoothes without weighing hair down
    Hair is beautifully moisturized and full of natural volume
    Adds up to 95 percent more body and fullness after just one wash*

    Use with Leave in Foam or Root Lift Spray for all day hold

    300Dove Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam

    Ultra-light leave in-treatment
    Keeps style in place all day long without weighing hair down:

    Adds shear moisture and nourishment
    Gives light hold and control
    Hair is easy to manage and strengthened by reducing breakage

    Adds up to 95 percent more body and fullness after just one wash** Provides all day hold for the style

    Evenly distribute through wet or dry hair, focusing on the ends

    dove-advanced-hair-series-oxygen-moisture-root-lift-spray-3-3-fl-oz_589913Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray

    A light mist provides targeted lift from the roots
    Does not weigh hair down at the roots, where it tends to fall flat

    Lifts hair at the root for added body and fullness
    Adds up to 95 percent more body and fullness after just one wash**

    Provides all day hold for the style

    Spray on damp hair at the root and blow-dry