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    Luxury Brands LLC files multi-million dollar lawsuit against Life Marketing Group CEO Shauky Gulamani and Named Defendants

    Luxury Brands LLC Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit in Federal Court

    Against Life Marketing Group CEO Shauky Gulamani and Named Defendants

    Luxury Brands LLC, successor-in-interest to FHI Brands LLC, and AG Global Products LLC, files multi-million dollar federal lawsuit against Shauky Gulamani, former President and CEO of FHI Brands LLC, plus three additional defendants, for six causes of action.

    On January 23rd, 2018, plaintiff Luxury Brands LLC, owner of FHI Heat and FHI Brands, a leading global innovator of professional styling tools, products and accessories, filed suit for damages in federal court, naming defendants Shaukat Gulamani a/k/a Shauky Gulamani, former President and CEO of FHI Brands LLC and AG Global Products LLC; Life Marketing Group LLC; Shawn Kochendorfer, former Purchasing and Planning Manager of FHI Brands LLC; Shirley Jung, former Product Development and Production Manager of AG Global LLC and FHI Brands LLC.  The causes of action alleged in the complaint are as follows:

    1. Violation of the Defend Trade Secrets Act
    2. Violation of the California Uniform Trade Secrets Act
    3. Breach of Fiduciary Duties and Duty of Loyalty
    4. Violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
    5. Breach of Contract
    6. Unfair Competition

    “As CEO’s we are bound by integrity and a moral compass, and it is our fiduciary duty, first and foremost, to protect the interest of our company and employees.  Our staff looks to us as role models, and it is our grave responsibility to lead by example in order to maintain their respect.  It is incredibly disappointing, in this day and age, that some people feel it necessary to lie, cheat and steal in order to get ahead.  As hard as Mr. Gulamani tried to disparage our industry reputation, steal our trade secrets, solicit employees and put FHI Brands out of business, we are still here, we are still standing and we are stronger than ever.”- Michael Dodo, President and CEO of Luxury Brands LLC.

    The complaint has been filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California and has been assigned case number 2:18-cv-00586


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