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    Totelly FiDM

    FiDM has a tote bag design contest for a chance to win $1000!  I probably should have read the contest rules before I designed this… and … I’m not eligible for the contest cuz I am not in high school. BOO.  The idea here is to throw something into the bag from every major offered at FiDM – digital media, textile, jewelry, apparel, interior, footwear, beauty etc…
    Oh well, hope you like it!

    Jus throw it in the bag

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    A stila ‘Factory Girl"

    My girl Sona and I went down to West Hollywood to check out the much anticipated stila factory sale today and it was awesome!  There were so many amazing deals for beauty junkies and Christmas pressies!

    how cute is Sona!

    Barbie x stila make up!

    everything you wanted… and then some!

    YAY  – Everyone’s getting stila for Christmas!

    If you want to pick up amazing deals, make sure you go check it out tomorrow and tell @stilacosmetics that we sent you! ^_^ 
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    2nd Quarter at FIDM Beauty Marketing

    I started my Fall 2009 quarter at FiDM for Beauty Marketing and I love all my classes.  This is where my true passion and learning is kicking in and I’m so happy to let you all know about what I am doing this quarter! I am taking 4 classes and interning 2 days at theLookBook.

    Sharlene Habermeyer is my teacher for this class and she is an exceptional women: funny, accomplished and inspirational. She is an author and a expert in wellness and has a MA in education and curriculum planning. In order words, she is amazing! I have 3 main projects for this class. One is about comparing organic, store brand, dollar store shampoos for 10 weeks, one is on homemade skin care and one is for product line analysis 🙂 I heart this class!

    ingredients for making homemade skincare!

    JULIANNE PFISTER is the Beauty Chair at FiDM and was the Director of International Sales at Stila! She is my instructor for this class. We are discussing customer service experience, financial statements and customer loyal, brand identity, value preposition!  This class is marketing focused and we are talking about the BUSINESS side of the beauty industry!

    Darrell Baum was the marketing manager of Joico and is now teaching this fun class! We are talking a lot about social media and web 2.0… Right up my alley! We are doing a project of LVMH in this class. Brand image trap, brand position trap, external perspective trap and product attribute fixation! We have our first field trip on Friday to Long Beach for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists tradeshow! wooo!

    Jeanne Tamayo is our wonderful teacher for this class! She really know what she is talking about and we are doing brand comparative projects between Stila and Smashbox, product development case studies and learning all sorts of what the beauty industry corporate structure is like and how much $$$ we can really make through our expertise and love for this industry. She is the director of broadcast production for Stila!  We had a brand pitch for our last class and Ffiona and I came up with a product for children that’s peelable nailpolish!  Our idea won us $200 worth of Stila makeup *big smile*. Thank you!  (I gave half of it away already lol)

    this quarter ends on Dec 19th ^_^ so stay tuned!

    *for the cute, clever and connect. Follow this blog!

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    Making new cards…

    FiDM is filled with fashionistas and amazing outfits everyday. I am always turning my head and one girls outfit or another’s lipgloss. This is a dream for fashion bloggers like myself! Most of the students here are actually not from LA but everywhere in the world. Their style emulates their passion and their work reflects that uniqueness. Here are 2 cards I am making especially for this special group. Stay tuned!

    Which one do you like better?