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    Smart House Technology!

    This month is Fire Prevention Month! To keep your home safe from flames, start with FireAvert! Created by firefighter, Peter Thorpe, this amazing device can stop an open fire before it even starts!

    Smart Home Technology FireAvert Offers an Effective Fire-prevention Solution


    Thanks to technological advances, home technology devices are smarter than ever.FireAvert provides a quick and easy solution to prevent kitchen fires before they happen. Since smoke always precedes a fire, this life-saving gadget is activated by the sound of a smoke alarm and instantly cuts the power to the stove and oven before there is a flame in sight. FireAvert is the only one of its kind on the market that turns off stoves when smoke is detected.

    In honor of Fire Prevention Month, keep yourself and your loved ones safe from dangerous fires. Installing FireAvert requires no tools or professional skills , just plug it right into the back of your stove. This smart home device is also reusable, maintenance-free and does not expire.

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported that U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 162,400 home structure fires each year involving cooking equipment. FireAvert can significantly drop this number and eliminate the dangers of cooking.

    unnamed-1 FireAvert is sharing these important tips to ensure a fire-free household.

    • Always have a fire extinguisher around kitchens and grills, and make sure your family know how to use them.
    • Be sure to replace batteries in your smoke detectors. They should be tested regularly to make sure they are working.
    • Make sure the family knows of an exit plan if a fire were to start.
    • If you tend to do a lot of cooking, invest in a second timer. They’re an inexpensive backup method, ensuring that your summer dishes do not overcook.
    • Always keep your grill a safe distance from your home.
    • It is always a good idea to keep a splatter mat underneath the grill, especially when your grill is on a wooden patio or deck connected to your home.
    • Install FireAvert to the back of your electric stove. FireAvert is a simple wall unit that automatically shuts off the stove in the event that smoke is detected.

    Smart home gadget, FireAvert comes with a 30-day money back and a 1-year warranty.

    FireAvert founder and active firefighter, Peter Thorpe, was called to kitchen fires weekly where someone often left their home with the stove on. He came up the idea of FireAvert, and developed and designed the solution to offer independence and peace of mind for the user.