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    World’s Smallest and Precision RBS from Super Impulse

    I knew some super cool products from TTPM toys showcase. These are the one very impressed me, so I want to let you know, and your kids definitely will love it!

    Precision RBS, a unique new rubber band launching line like nothing ever experienced before. Precision RBS delivers safe and intense fun, with more ammo, more power and more on-target accuracy! It is more accurate than any foam dart in the marketplace.

    With 3 models to choose from, The Precision RBS System is the next evolution for power and accuracy.


    The lightweight Talos holds up to 20 rubber bands in two sizes, launches up to 30 feet and includes a built-in extender for even more power when you need it. It’s perfect for quick, smooth action.

    MSRP $14.99

    Ages 8+


    The Chiron has storage for up to 100 rubber bands, so you’ll never run out of ammo! Other features include the quick-loading design and a release option to separate into 2 completely different RBS Shooters, including a hand launcher. You’ll dominate your opponent with tons of ammo power!

    MSRP $19.99

    Ages 8+


    Nothing surpasses the Hyperion: pinpoint accuracy 50 feet downfield! Three different band sizes, for capacity of 26 loaded bands, plus extra side storage. Plus the unbelievable Blast feature – launches 14 bands AT ONCE! Insane power! The other guys don’t stand a chance.

    MSRP $24.99

    Ages 8+

    World’s Smallest toys are designed with the same working functions as the original, world beloved classic toys, but in the smallest sizes ever created! New for 2016 are four classic toys for kids of all ages to enjoy.

     WS FP CHATTER PHONE_HI The iconic Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone has been a nostalgic favorite for many generations. This adorable, classic pull toy has the same friendly face, movable eyes, a bell and classic red receiver just like the original.

    MSRP $5.99

    Ages 4+


    Now kids of all ages can take a trip back in time and enjoy the classic Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack. Just like the original toy, there are five colorful, stackable rings and a wobbly base that rocks back and forth.

    MSRP $5.99

    Ages 4+


    The top that draws just got smaller. The World’s Smallest Doodletop features a felt tip pen bottom that draws spirals as you spin it.

    MSRP $3.99

    Ages 4+


    Sock Monkeys remain a popular icon to this day and are enjoyed by kids of all ages. The World’s Smallest Sock Monkey has the same classic design – woven brown “sock” color, white feet and of course, red lips.

    MSRP $4.99

    Ages 4+


    Little PeopleSchool Bus Take this Fisher-Price Little People School Bus on a ride down memory lane. Featuring the iconic Little People characters as students and the bus driver who rotates in his seat as the bus rolls along. There is also an articulating stop sign and door, and “clicking” wheels.

    This product is not out yet, but it will come out soon in Fall 2016!

    MSRP: $6.99

    Ages: 6 and up