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    Kiss Stiletto-Pain Goodbye @lingeshoes

    Every girl has been in a blister-inducing, feet-aching situation where an extra pair of shoes would have been a godsend, but go-to comfy options like flip-flops and sneakers would majorly clash with your cute outfit. With Linge Shoes ballet flats, you can cut your feet a break without sacrificing style.

    These flats are crafted from 100% top-quality soft leather and equipped with an elastic front tie for a perfect, cozy fit. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors to complete any look with ease.

    Linge Shoes ballet flats can fold up into even the smallest clutch, making them a perfect back-up for weddings, sightseeing or a night out on the town.

    $59, lingeshoes.com

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    Summer Ouchies

    I love summer. BUT I hate blisters 🙁
    I got blisters from my Havanians
    my Chinese slippers 
    My puma shoes
    OW 🙁
    and this is exactly why i prefer these:

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