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    Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses with Covry Sunwear

    When I was in High School, this punk rock boy my friend was dating would teasingly say my nose looked like a “skateboard ramp” because I didn’t have a bridge. For a while after that I became super insecure about my nose. Was I weird for not having a nose that looked like all the actors that I saw on TV and the magazines?  I spent a good portion of that year looking into the mirror, with my fingers in the shape of an angled L on my nose trying to imagine what my nose would look like if it were a little “bridge-ier”.  I did this for hours at a time being emo listening to “Dashboard Confessional” and “Panic At the Disco” and practicing my liquid eyeliner in the bathroom.

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    It was only with time did I realize that most Asians like myself have little to no bridge anyway. It’s a characteristic that makes me, and all my other fellow asians intrinsically unique.  That and the kid ended up dropping out of school and I realized he was just a silly teenage boy.

    That is, until it gets to be a sweltering, sunny day (like today) and my sunglasses (https://www.globosurfer.com/best-polarized-sunglasses/) slide off my nose and I’m stuck pushing up my glasses like a nerd every two seconds. I think to myself, “DAMN IT. He was right all along! My nose is a skateboard ramp for sunglasses!”

    HOWEVER, there is a solution! For anyone who’s ever been in a sunglass situation similar to mine, Florence Shin and Athina Wang, co founders of Covry Sunwear are  launching a line of sunglasses that are specifically targeted towards problems like these! I mean, sliding sunglasses not teenage boy bullies.

    Covry Sunwear,  besides being super cute + stylish, have longer nose pads, narrowed nose bridge and a smaller curve of the frame.  As a plus, for all you green conscious pals out there, these glasses are hypoallergenic,  made from renewable resources, and made of high quality Acetate.  Polarized, UV protected lenses round out these sturdy yet fashionable specs, so I’d say anyone’s momma would approve! These are a perfect for my features, and anyone who has had any trouble with contemporary sunglasses skating off their face.

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    These ladies have already fulfilled their KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN with an amazing$53,127, surpassing their original goal of $18,500.  You can get your own pair of COVRY  sunglasses this Fall by signing up for updates here.   PLUS THEY SHIP FOR FREE ALL OVER THE US, AND SHIP ALL OVER THE WORLD.

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    Ciao for now!