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Miss Carmen Rose is the bomb diggity. Love her style, love her beauty, love her mind!
I’m determined to make a difference.
I will live the way I want to in ways that may influence those who watch.

Beautiful I am … far more than what the eye can see. 

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Zahra Kara is my amazing friend with the biggest heart and most extensive wardrobe ever. I always say, when im with this girl, we always end up somewhere crazy like hotel lobbies at such. We have been doing it up since 03 at Western.

ZZ and Me UWO days…

Zahra is vegetarian and would never ever hurt another living thing as long as she lives. She’s allergic to cats and takes medication so she can live with her cat. >_< i know.

She is a world traveller, a scholar and my friend since high school days!
She’s a true Gemini… Like most of my close friends, she’s mixed! Can you guess what Zahra is mixed with? Here’s a hint…She’s 1/2 African and 1/2 insane lol
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*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*


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As you all know, I spent the last 9 months of my life in LA going to FIDM!  The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising has 4 campus in SF, SD, OC, LA and have over 16 majors. It’s not just about sewing clothes…

This is my last week of school forever! Can you believe it?  I decided to come to FIDM to pursue my studies in Beauty Industry Marketing because I knew I would excel and love every single day of it! And I was right… I am really going to miss being a student but I won’t miss being broke ^_^  These are my last 7 days as a FIDM student but the adventures never stop!
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Christian is a Model/Recording artist; just a boy chasing after his dreams. I like that!

You have seen him recently in the event flyer for the Fuze Spring Trend Report!  See you on March 22 ^_^ 
Shannae, Christian, me!
Here we are being silly at Atelier Noir hee hee 


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Ms Nova (aka Nova B. Rutherford) is totally fabulous. She is a Pisces <><
Full of insights and quotes that will make your day go by that much faster. Her blog will make you laugh, cry and say, “Hey! That happened to me!”. She, like I, am in LA by the way of Toronto.

“The price of success is so much lower then the price of failure.”

One of my favorites in my LA Twitter fam!