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    CBD Suppositories for Men: A Bold New Way to Relieve Pelvic and Back Pain

    Lower back pain and pelvic pain are incredibly common ailments for men: half of all men will experience prostatitis in their lifetimes, along with other ailments like sciatica that cause pain in the lower back and pelvic regions. Fortunately, there’s an unorthodox new method for men to treat lower back and pelvic pain that’s not only safe but also highly effective: CBD suppositories.

    Foria Wellness has released a new line of suppositories with broad-spectrum CBD and other organic ingredients (including cocoa butter) that’s designed to treat lower back pain and pelvic pain in men. Foria is currently conducting research with Harvard Doctor Staci Gruber to understand more about how the endocannabinoid receptors in the pelvis work; but what we do know now: Back and pelvic pain are dramatically reduced with this product and all without harmful drugs or surgeries. That yes, Dr. Gruber is affiliated with Harvard Medical School, she is also the Director of Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery (MIND) Program and the Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core (CCNC) at McLean Hospital.

    Basics Suppositories

    $ 72.00

    Basics Suppositories are formulated for relief during your period, or for local muscular relaxation and inflammation relief. Experience the soothing, tension-melting effects of our pristine broad-spectrum CBD. Each suppository delivers 100mg directly to the area that needs it most.

    • 8 suppositories / 100mg active CBD each
    • Broad-spectrum CBD from sun-grown USA hemp
    • 100% organic & fair-trade cocoa butter
    • Free of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides
    • No additives, preservatives or THC

    Relief Where You Need It

    Once again, Foria has followed nature’s design, creating an all-natural formula with the purest ingredients available, formulated for direct, local relief. The vagina and the rectum readily absorb CBD, creating muscular relaxation and localized relief from discomfort and inflammation.

    Like Foria Relief (available only at CA and CO cannabis dispensaries) Basics Suppositories are formulated for relief from menstrual cramping and discomfort — but are available worldwide. Basics Suppositories deliver 100mg of active, broad-spectrum CBD directly to the muscle and vascular tissues of the upper vagina and uterus. (Other over the counter remedies affect the entire body — often with unpleasant side-effects.)

    Compared with CBD edibles and tinctures, these suppositories activate local receptors much faster. (The only form of CBD that works faster than suppositories is our CBD vape pen — though its soothing effects are more general, influencing overall mood and tension.)


    For us purity starts at the source. This hemp is sun-grown on a sustainable farm that employs permaculture techniques to enhance soil, water, and biodiversity. After harvest, Foria Relief uses CO2-extraction (the gold standard for purity) to create a hemp extract rich in phytocannabinoids and terpenes, and deliver these actives in fragrant cocoa butter that’s 100% organic and fair trade certified. Foria Relief uses independent lab tests to ensure freedom from pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and other toxins.

    Hemp Extract (broad-spectrum CBD)

    Broad-spectrum CBD is naturally soothing, helping to unwind local tension & discomfort while oxygenating and rebalancing tissue. CBD offers a tremendous range of potential health benefits, including antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects, along with significant pain modulation.

    Unlike cheaper CBD products made with “CBD Isolate,” Foria Relief exclusively uses Broad-Spectrum CBD — which is far more beneficial because it contains a range of cannabinoids & terpenes that enhance absorption and efficacy.

    Organic Fair-Trade Cocoa Butter

    Foria Relief‘s pure, organic cocoa butter is a fragrant, easy way to deliver CBD to the vagina or rectum. Cocoa butter is made from raw cacao beans, which are squeezed in a hydraulic press to express the rich, golden oil — which solidifies below 76 degrees.

    Fair-trade cacao is grown and harvested by small farmers who work their own land with help from family and community members. Workers’ pay, schedule and accommodations are monitored by the fair trade certifier to ensure that every contributor gets a fair share of the benefits of this high-value crop, re-investing into education and material improvements for the community. (Cacao that isn’t certified this way is typically a bulk commodity with origins in exploitive labor.)

    About FORIA:

    Foria Wellness is committed to natural well-being & vibrant health. Foria Wellness‘s wellness formulas unite traditional herbs & botanicals to create natural enhancement products that are thoughtfully designed for both women & men.