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    Copper Core – Secret to Bouncy Hair

    I just tried 1907 by Fromm Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes! These brushes are really this amazing. It took me no time to dry my hair and it gave me bouncy, shiny hair all day long. 


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    Available at beautybrands.com

    Faster:  Superior temperature control dries hair 30% faster, reducing hand and wrist fatigue!

    Naturally anti-microbial:  Copper destroys 88% of bacteria, preventing dandruff, itching, and flaking.

    In addition to the copper coated barrel, with a sealant to maintain ideal heat resistance over time, this collection from 1907 by Fromm features an innovative insert bar with two unique benefits. The bar uses two-in-one technology to blow-dry with ionic nylon properties, while the 100% pure boar bristle strip grips and shines hair. The waved nylon bristles latch onto locks to dry hair in less time with less damage.

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