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    I am Malibu Barbie @FakeBake

    This crazy rainy week in NYC has made me super creative.  The sun makes you happy and tanned skin is totally essential to look like a beach babe. So since I am not in California, I had to bring California to me and in my living room. So here we go everyone!  Tanning makes you instantly look and feel better but with all the recent skin cancer reports, I am staying away from tanning beds.  Darker skin without going to the beach? Okay, I’ll take it.

     In order to get this look you need a few things.

    1. A super push up bra so you look like Barbie

    2. Fake Bake

    3. Frosty Pink Lips

    FakeBake sent me this Shimmer Instant Tan Lotion and I was so curious to try it so today is the day everyone!  I first started with one leg to see what happens..

    There was a HUGE difference! I noticed that my legs looks instantly more toned, more tanned and had must enough shimmer. I loved it!  To enhance the Malibu Barbie-ness I used the frost pink lip balm from Burt’s Bees Shimmer called GUAVA to complete the look.

    Get your tan without the commitment. Completely washable temporary tan for face and body, no tanning actives. 

    Looks like I just had a mini vacay for $21 🙂

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