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    Traveling This Year?

    Travel Comfortably This Year

    With NEW Products by Grand Trunk!

    With the new year upon us, there are so many more travel adventures to be had! Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll want to stock up on products to help make your plane, train and automobile portions of your trip more enjoyable! Grand Trunk has created new and amazing travel treasures you’ll need for 2017!

    From pillows to packs, you’ll travel in style with Grand Trunk. You want to look prepared for your business meetings and fabulous adventure selfies so it’s a good thing that Grand Trunk created a line of travel treasures that you won’t ever want to leave your hometown without!

    Grand Trunk Travel Treasures Include:

    • Puffy Travel Pillow ($29.99 each) – This puffy, portable, lightweight and machine washable pillow packs neatly into its own stuff sack. It’s created to keep you comfy on the plane, car or wherever your adventures take you.
    • Hooded Travel Pillow ($39.99 each) – Wake up refreshed after a long transatlantic flight even when your neighbor refuses to pull the airplane window shade down. This cozy next pillow made of micro-fleece and memory foam provides ergonomic comfort, while the storable hood covers your eyes for instant darkness.
    • The Footie Travel Blanket ($59.99 each) – Naturally eco-friendly, this blanket is an ideal companion for your business and pleasure travel adventures. The cozy foot pocket provides added comfort when sleeping on a plane, train or automobile.
    • Compression Packs (Starting at $59.99) – Make the most of your space and save on baggage fees with these versatile travel organizers for compact, streamlined packing. Easy access twin compartments separate laundry and other necessities. YKK expansion zippers double the cubic volume of the water resistant internal compartment, while the exterior features durable 600D water resistant nylon with compression straps to minimize bulk.

    Change the way you travel in 2017 with the the new products from Grand Trunk!

    To learn more about Grand Trunk and see other available products please visit https://www.grandtrunk.com/.


    About The Grand Trunk:

    The Grand Trunk was founded by Jon Neff & Kevin Kaiser when their individual routes crossed paths in a small surf town in Thailand. They came from two different backgrounds but shared the common love for adventure and travel, and together began spreading that excitement through a line of Good for the Road called Grand Trunk.

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    Pack the Perfect Gym Bag – 10 Things to Keep in Your Gym Bag!

    Was one of your New Year resolutions this year to work on your fitness? If so, you know the importance of having a well-prepared gym bag to help you achieve your goals! We have included some fabulous products that will make your trips to the gym convenient and exciting! Making sure you have the perfectly packed gym bag is step one, step two would be to look into hiring a personal trainer, https://www.discovery.uk.com/ have some of the best PT’s out there.

    Born Skincare

    Rejuvenate Your Muscles With Born Skincare

    Renew your gym membership – and your skin – this New Year

    Did you make a New Year’s resolution to hit the gym this year? Born Skincare will be there to spot your aching muscles and keep your skin glowing with their key unique ingredient: grape seed oil. Derived from a variety of grapes, this oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and is loaded with vitamins C and E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants that help to absorb faster than any other seed oil for lasting results.

    The perfect solution for athletes to relax their overactive muscles and for yogis to assist with their breathing, BornSkincare’s The Source For Muscles originated from an ancient and powerful remedy for aches and pains. Take a break from your daily cardio and learn how this versatile healing oil can help you recover from a long day at the gym:

    • he Source For Muscles is a blend oforganic muscadine oil, eucalyptus oil and menthol, which allows for the all-natural anti-inflammatory benefits to sooth sore, tired muscles.
    • With the calming aroma of eucalyptus, this oil is perfect to apply after a tough workout to restore muscles, reduce inflammation and be ready for another day at the gym.
    • With a Think Dirty rating of 0, this healing oil contains no harmful ingredients, only essential oils and menthol. To be more aware of the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics or personal care products, download the Think Dirty app.
    • Apply a light layer of oil on sore areas twice daily and massage into the skin to experience the nourishing benefits and allow your muscles to relax.
    • As an added bonus: Cold & flu season is just around the corner – rub the restorative oil of The Source for Muscles on you, or your little one’s, chest and sinuses for a healthier alternative to clearing up congestion.

    Ring in the New Year with Born Skincare for radiant results for your fresh, healthy skin and muscles. You’ll have no pain, and lots to gain from the refined, rich oils in this skincare line. Made without the use of harsh chemicals, you can get pumped about this Certified Toxic-Free, PETA-approved, and Cruelty-Free brand.

    Grand Trunk

    When you’ve worked up a sweat in the gym, you better do yourself and those around you a favor and shower immediately after! Grand Trunk has created the greatest towel that’s perfect for your gym bag as well as any adventures you might plan to go on! TheMicrofiber Travel Towel is extremely absorbent and packs down into a small mesh stuff sackfor easy storing in your gym bag or locker. With an added button for closure, you can wrap up securely in the presence of other gym goers in the locker rooms!


    The post-gym shower essential item – Reviv3 Procare! This year, invest in the premium, all natural system that thickens and enriches those sophisticated strands without harsh chemicals.With Reviv3 Procare’s 3-part system, you can let your hair do the talking. Designed for gentle cleansing, the products are sulfate free, color safe, paraben free and sodium benzoate free. See how this system of prep, prime and treat works together to bring real results to your locks!

    • Step 1 – PREP: The first step in creating a healthy scalp is saying goodbye to environmental residue and DHT build-up from your hair and scalp surface. Reviv3’s Cleanser Shampoo is a unique, gentle formula with specialized nutrients, herbal extracts, amino acids, and glycoprotein to harness volume and strength. Lather, rinse and repeat daily to prep those hair follicles for optimum growth.
    • Step 2 – PRIME: Fortified with a natural proprietary complex and phyto extracts, the Reviv3 Moisture+ Conditioner leaves your hair feeling weightless, helps to reduce breakage, and increases hair strength by 3X. Use this formula consistently to restore your hair and scalp to a healthy condition.
    • Step 3 – TREAT: Be a queen crowned in curls with the Micro-Activ3 Treatment. Delivering thicker, fuller hair the tri-peptide complex improves microcirculation helps shield against environmental toxins and DHT build up for natural luster and added strength.


    The Best Way to Pack Food on the Go! Plastic-Free, Healthy for People & Planet! 

    It is so important to re-fuel after a serious workout at the gym! Pack your meals and snacks with ECOlunchbox, an award-winning, plastic-free container line founded by “mompreneur” Sandra Harris. ECOlunchbox has a variety of high quality, stainless steel lunchware containers that are ideal for packing food on the go. Go green with this “plastic-free” option that is healthier for people and planet. This line is great for taking food on the go – be it for a gym session, a work lunch, or outdoor adventures! Shop by clicking here.

    These eco-friendly mealtime solutions are not only a safer option for packing food; they encourage a balanced diet and proper portion size for more “mindful” eating.

    • Dishwasher safe
    • 100% Non-toxic
    • Stainless steel
    • Reusable
    • Waste-free
    • BPA-free
    • Phthalate-free
    • Price: $10-$25
    • Sold at Bed Bath Beyond, Target (2017), Container Store, etc.

    Define Your Inspiration – DYI

    Is it just me or is working out so much for fun when you’re wearing great fitness gear? Look your best at the gym with amazing pieces from Define Your Inspiration! This fabulous fitness apparel company is so much more than just a fashion statement for the gym, but they are all about empowering women to find what gets them going! Define Your Inspiration is a company that wants to help women feel and look their best while doing what’s best for you! Find your balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with DYI today!

    Trust Fund Beauty

    Squeezing in your work out during a busy day? Have plans after the gym? If so, you know how tricky it is to re-apply your makeup in the gym locker room! Try Trust Fund’s trendy lipstick and nail polishes, or their popular Gimme Good Face primer that will keep your face looking flawless! Although each of their products have quirky and fun titles, Trust Fund Beauty takes beauty seriously, ensuring you can “trust” them to make you feel beautiful. Trust Fund sells nail polish and lipstick products formulated with love in the U.S.A. and EU, which are always vegan and cruelty-free.

     Dew Puff

    The Best Way to Exfoliate for Guys and Girls!

    Exfoliate your skin and feel fresh and clean after your sweat session! You can’t go wrong with the Dew Puff konjac sponge, as seen in Cosmo! Dew Puff is a must-have for everyone who wants healthy, fresh and blemish-free skin. This one simple skincare tool cleans, exfoliates, and refreshes, leaving your face feeling like a baby’s butt! The Dew Puff is:

    • all natural 
    • chemical and preservative free
    • vegan approved
    • reusable
    • eco-friendly
    • able to be used with any cleanser or soap, or even without!
    • perfect for every skin type 
    • Only $8.00 each at www.dewpuff.com, Amazon, and high end spas / stores nationwide!


    The DYLN Living Water Bottle is the perfect water bottle to take to the gym! Not only does it have a sleek design, but it provides the ability to make delicious alkaline, antioxidant water anywhere you go!

    The DYLN Living Alkaline Water Bottle is a one-of-a-kind stainless steel bottle that transforms your water into alkaline water on-the-go! This bottle is truly unique because of it’s VitaBead Diffuser that turns your lifeless water into alkaline, antioxidant water in just 15-20 minutes. Instead of going out of your way to buy expensive alkaline water in disposable plastic water bottles, you can buy or gift the DYLN Bottle so you can have premium water wherever you go.

    DYLN Proudly Features:

    • A reusable bottle that doesn’t add to plastic waste because there is NO PLASTIC!
    • Increases the pH up to 9.5+ to restore balance to your body
    • Reduces the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) to less than -150 to create Antioxidant water and neutralize free radicals
    • Micro clusters the water molecules for enhanced hydration
    • 100% paint free
    • Bamboo cap with convenient carrying handle
    • Made with 316 surgical-grade stainless steel, unlike competitors who only use 304 food-grade steel
    • Patented bottle design
    • The ability to track your usage so DYLN Inspired can automatically update you when it’s time to replace your Diffuser
    • BPA and toxic free
    • Removable silicone sleeve grip available in DYLN Blue, Charcoal, Lime Green, Tango Orange and Neon Pink!

    Mother Trucker & co.

    Are you a “wear a hat while you work out” type of person? Need something to hide your post-gym hair? As seen in Life & Style Magazine and US Weekly, Mother Trucker & co. is a California-based trucker hat company that is dazzling, sexy and full of personality.  Founded in the summer of 2015, Mother Trucker co. features specially designed trucker style hats with fun and hip phrases perfect to describe every occasion of your life and personality. With sayings such as NAMASTE and #FITMOM, these hats will take your gym fashion sense to a new level this season! 

    Fake Bake

    Get your post-gym glow on! Fake Bake is the healthiest way to tan, and is used by celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Ruby Rose, and Amy Schumer! Fake Bake believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the health of your skin to get a rich bronze tan – and you shouldn’t have to apply harsh chemicals to your skin to get a great tan either. All of their tanning phenoms use naturally-derived tanning agents for more natural-looking results. Fake Bake’s patented self-tanning formula works with every skin tone and every skin type. Check out some of their best sellers, like their Air Brush Instant Self Tan – ‘it shows where it goes’ with a cosmetic color guide assists you to apply a flawless tan and gives your skin an instant golden tan without blocking pores. The fast drying formula dries in seconds and will develop in just a few hours into a perfect, natural looking tan.

    • Safe and healthy for your skin!
    • No artificial preservatives or parabens!
    • Long lasting sunless tanning serums, lotions, bronzers and cosmetics!
    • Won’t turn skin orange, leave a bad odor, or stain your clothes!