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    Grey Lipstick: Yay or Nay

    There has been a lot of love shown to GREY as of late. Thanks to the trilogy 50 Shades and it being a neutral color – grey is finally getting its day! Even though it is deems a mini-trend, grey has never been a color associated with beauty and youthfulness. With metallic gray silver hair dye last season, it is only natural that the word on everyone’s lips this season is none other than – g.r.e.y.

    One of my favorite colors to wear in clothes, I even have suede grey pumps that I got for Christmas last year. But grey lipstick?  A frenzy at MAC and Estee Lauder for their two grey lipsticks??  Lime Crime and OCC had grey for a long time already but going mainstream is another thing. Clutch Magazine says it’s officially a trend on and off runway.

    I took last season’s (I was rocking it in ’09) must-have ‘black lipstick’ and layered with a pale pink to make this grey.

    What do you think?

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