• New York

    Hey Hey Hey!! It’s me, Erica!

    Hello there glamorous ones!! I’m Erica and I’m super excited to be a guest blogger at HeyDoYou!!


    I currently reside in Atlanta and have lived here for almost ten years. I recently met Yvonne while on a trip to New York and was immediately inspired by her and her blog. I am honored to be part of the HeyDoYou team!! I love music, art, fashion, humor, 80s sitcoms, all things random and quirky and finding the balance of it all. I like to think of myself as an experience junky! Anyhoo, I am grateful for this opportunity and I hope you all enjoy! If you’d like to see what else I’m up to, catch up with me on IG @frediegilbert!!



  • WorldWide

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a @manwithatrike!

    Hello, Readers!  My name is Sal and I’m honored to join the HeyDoYou family as a guest blogger.  Here I am with my friend, Freddy Mercury:


    Unfortunately, Freddy does not belong to me, nor does he live in New York.  Moments after this photo was taken, I tried to steal him away from his dad in Los Angeles, but was unsuccessful and scolded.  But, hey, that’s okay- my life is pretty sweet.  I live in the great borough of Brooklyn, constantly surrounded by four beautiful ladies.  What can I say? I’m a lucky guy.picstitch

    I play drums in two bands: Quiet Loudly and pow wow!   You can see us perform live around New York City or on tour around the country as often as possible.  You can also hear us on the interwebs.

    I’ll be contributing my love of music, travel, technology, and food to HeyDoYou.  Thanks to Yvonne for inviting me, and to all of you for reading!


  • Asian,  New York

    China Guest blogger: Meet Nicole, the Ultimate Fashion Lover

    Hi everyone! My name is Nicole and I am very excited to be a new guest blogger at heydoyou. Yvonne and I met this summer while I was working for an online jewelry company called BaubleBar. We had been in contact since then and now I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to write for such a great blog!


    Ten things about myself:

    1. I am half-American and half-Filipino.

    2. I grew up all over South East Asia (mainly in Hong Kong and Singapore).

    3. As of this past May, I am a Vassar College alum with a degree in Asian Studies.

    4. I will continue to study Sino-American relations at a Johns Hopkins graduate program in Nanjing, China soon.

    5. I love fashion so much that two of my classmates and I started a personal style blog featuring our friends at Vassar called The College Catalogue. Since I have already graduated from college, it only seems right to graduate from managing this blog by moving on to new things!

    6. So…in the next coming months, I plan to merge my interests in China and fashion by blogging about cultural trends seen in Nanjing and Shanghai. I hope to share some of my exciting adventures and interesting stories with you all.

    7. I have a terrible case of food envy. Whenever someone is eating anything that looks good, I have to eat it too.

    8. My other weakness is shoes. Oh my god do I love shoes. I can never get enough!

    9. I’m currently obsessed with Lianne La Havas since I saw her perform at Central Park this summer.

    10. I spill on myself. A lot.


  • New York

    Meet @Fatema_Issa Our Winter Guest Blogger

    Hi everyone! My name is Fatema Issa and I’m excited to present myself as the newest guest addition to HeyDoYou!

    I wanted to use this first entry as an opportunity to introduce myself, but rather than bore you with a pre-meditated autobiography, I thought I’d let the people who know me best do the job for me. I sent out a spontaneous mass text message to my closest friends and family: “Describe me in one adjective…GO!” Here are the responses, unedited 😉

    Friendly, social, confident, funny, loveable, put together, loyal, passionate, bosslady, diplomatic, fashionable, balanced, sweet, virtuous, bright, eloquent, beautiful, determined, patient, fancy, grounded, chic, happy, wonderful, lively.


    I LOVE … NYC, romantic comedies, iced caramel lattes, daylight savings, the color red, time with family, music, turquoise stones, walking in the park, mascara, bbm, massage chairs, travelling, people watching, pb&j, chapstick, random throwbacks on the radio, pinkberry, coloring, sunshine, shopping with friends, horoscopes, relaxing days out, quiet nights in, meeting new people, shoes, glitter.