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    Gun Toting Nerds… HOT!

    After drooling over John Mayer in one of my previous posts it was only a matter of time before I started doing a weekly male crush… not in the literal sense lol.
    So to debut BoyCrushThrusdays, I give you all Dr. Spencer Reid… yeah I know that’s not his real name but work with me lol.

    Everytime I see this guy, I always wonder what it is that makes him so damn irresistable…

    Mmmm Dr. Spencer Reid… his real name is Matthew Gray Gubler, and he’s Criminal Minds sexy, soft-spoken, gun toting genius. Oh-em-gee he’s purrrrfect!
    Tell me what woman wouldn’t love a man that comes with the “I can fix your computer problems, whisper shakespeare in your ears and protect you” features? Did I say features? I meant to say qualities… *clears throat*
    I don’t mean to sound like I’m objectifying them (men), but how many times have you sat staring at your computer wishing your boyfriend knew something about why that damn error keeps popping up?
    Played by Matthew Gray Gubler, Doctor Reid is a genius who graduated from a Las Vegas publichigh school at age 12. ha ha ha I love it! He holds Doctorates in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering, BAs in Psychology and Literature, and is working on a BA in Philosophy.
    I heart u!