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    Who: Jess Mindful
    What: LA based illustrator and artist with Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/MissMindful)
    Why: She is dope and her baby Narwhal makes me giggle
    Where: Get at her Instagram (MISSMINDFUL) and Facebook
    When: Cutest in charge, all day everyday
    How: Support her art!  Buy something on Etsy  or say hi on Twitter @JessMindful

    I feel like this looks just like me ^_^

    I think her art is Harajuku cute with a mix between French Fafi cuties and Kawaii Japanese Gyaru girls. When I launch my makeup line, I’d hire Jess to do all the campaigns!  My wish for Jess. 1> for her amazing success with her art!  2> do a collabo with some beauty brand 3> get on Pinterest and have cookies and cupcakes made of her art 4> stuffed animals and iPhone cases! 5> become the next tokidoki.

    Sooooo as I went through her illustrations, I felt this uncanny feeling of familiarity… When my friends tell me I look like a cartoon, I never realized that it was true. Thanks JessMindful for confirming my true identity. I am actually a cartoon!

    Side swept bangs, dress with large bow, heart ring

    Pile of pandas, i mean puppies

    Oversized glasses, suspenders, freckles, lashes (All i need is a squid!)

    Black and white stripy shirt, white dress, long necklace, cutest knee caps ever

    Pink flower, lashes, sleepy panda opps i mean puppy


    Ruffles, pink bow, lashes

    (all illustrated images are via MissMindful)