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    DAFNI: Never Have A Bad Hair Day



    Ever feel like shopping for the perfect hair iron could be comparable to a mission to Mars? The sales person speaks really fast and in a language that is more than definitely Martian talk – color, heat levels, heat up speed, ceramic, non-ceramic, shape, weight, smell (kidding!) but the list goes on. Meanwhile, you blankly stare and nervously reply “so the iron does straighten my hair and it won’t catch on fire?”

    Sharon Rabi (co-founder) has answered our endless search for the perfect product – DAFNI

    The Design
    Designed like a brush; you can’t help but already be familiar with how to use DAFNI and makes the average time to straighten your hair a lot faster. Our experience was about 7 minutes.

    The Features
    The outer bristles are anti-static and heat-resistant. The tips are designed to protect the scalp and are heat-resistant providing a comfortable hair straightening experience. The inner bristles have 3D ceramic heat so it straightens your hair whichever way it curls. Can’t remember if you switched your iron off? No worries, that’s what the automatic shut-off button is for!


       The How To

    1. Start with dry and brushed hair – I divided my hair into four parts to make sure I didn’t miss a strand.
    2. Brush and pull slowly with DAFINI – I found brushing from underneath (placing hair on top) the easiest way to straighten my hair. Go over as many times needed, the results vary from hair thickness and texture.
    3. Make sure your hair gets deep between the bristles  and comb through slowly.


    DAFINI retails for $249.99 each at showcasecanada with free shipping included.

  • WorldWide

    Perfect Hair Day

    The Wet Brush has become the #1 selling brush in the USA!  Over the past few years it has developed a cult-like following, fueled by satisfied stylists and clients via word-of-mouth.  The magic of the Wet Brush™ is in the specially formulated IntelliFlex™ bristles. IntelliFlex™ bristles are thin, strong and very flexible. They have intelligent flexibility – flexible on one stroke and firm on the next.  The adaptive flexibility of IntelliFlex™ eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping.  No split ends, no hair loss.  It provides healthy brushing and detangling, creating the perfect transition from wash to style!

    Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 4.35.18 PM

    The Wet Brush™ Squirts are mini versions of The Wet Brush™, and are great for travelling and when you’re on-the-go!

    Colors include: Classic Black, Classic Pink, Classic Yellow, Classic Purple and Classic Blue

    Price: $11

    Availability: TheWetBrush.com