• New York


    When I first saw hairgum, I was so excited to see what it is all about. In tins similar to shoe polish, there is a range of products for all hair types.  Styling products are so tricky. Since I was born with bone straight Asian hair, I never had to tame curls or cowlicks – I am such a wash and go kinda girl.  But since learning about Hairgum and what it can do for my short ‘do – I became a true fan!  They range from different finishes like matte or glossy to different holds like strong, texture, movements etc… Best of all, everything is moving towards organic ingredients, process and certification! It smells good and it works.


    Jean Marc FERT, Founder and CEO of Ariland Laboratory since 1998, has always heavily involved in the network professional hairdressing. His will benefit from 10 years of experience in the professional circuit and put his expertise to the largest number by offering a range of products at once professional and the most natural possible. Our first requirement was to eliminate all forms of our chemistry. Our second imperative: Ecocert certification label and cosmetics.