• New York


    Hanna is an incredible movie.  Everything from the cinematography to the soundtrack to the story, costume and casting. EEEkkk!  I loved every minute of it and how the ending really loops back to the opening scores.  If you loved Run Lola Run, the Saw franchise then HANNA is a home run for sure.

    She is such a bad bitch. Her father in the movie is exactly the kind of man I need. Footnote that swimming part. You will know what I mean when you see it. YUM.  I think the main things that make a person ‘weak’ and not the ‘perfect soldier’ is essentially what make us human and makes us real. Hanna has been genetically doctored in the womb to feel less fear, less apprehension and is stronger than most. That’s what makes her dope.

    Her hair looks amazing in this movie and don’t forget about the Prada shoes Marissa Wiegler wears… Does it mean she’s the devil?

    So many parts if this story is told on so many levels it’s multi level. The fact that Hanna was able to remain emotionless and was never exposed to music. The way she has innate trust for the dogs she plays with and the little boy – yet she is trained to resist against that and really just ‘adapt or die’. Lotsa good food for thought.

    I haven’t seen a lot of great movies lately but this one is 5 stars in my books. I got to see the press screening today and everyone laughed, held their breath and loved it. Highly recommend that you go see it this weekend!


    Hanna comes out April 8