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    Have You Tried SmartMune

    “Intelligent Immune System Support”

    I recently got back from 8 weeks of traveling, and spent a good chunk of my time jumping on and off planes. Travelling usually makes me really tired, reeks havoc on my skin, and I usually catch some form of a cold, long story short, my health always seems to suffer. Lucky for me, I received a bottle of SmartMune, and as soon as I read all of the wonderful things it does, I promptly popped one in my mouth before jumping on the plane.

    So what’s SmartMune?? SmartMune is a natural ingredient that is clinically proven to strengthen the body’s key immune responses. It activates billions of innate immune cells that are part of the body’s natural defences without overstimulating the immune system.

    So what does it do exactly?

    • Strengthens the function of key immune cells
    • Maintains energy, vitality and mental clarity, reduces fatigue and tension
    • Activates key immune cells to protect against the harmful effects of stress
    • Supports general health and well-being
    Once swallowed, immune cells in the gastrointestinal tract take up SmartMune and transport it to immune organs throughout the body. While in the immune organs, immune cells called macrophages digest SmartMune into smaller fragments and slowly release them over a number of days.

     What makes SmartMune so special? The biological activity of SmartMune is a result of its unique molecular structure. The molecular difference between SmartMune and other immune products is significant because even the slightest structural difference can affect bioactivity.

    So basically, I never had any colds, headaches, no tension, no fatigue, NADA. I was perfectly fine throughout my entire vacation, despite getting on and off a plane at least once a week. For more info on SmartMune visit their website, there’s also SmartMune for kids!

    stay healthy 🙂


    ps: SmartMune is also free of any genetically modified organisms and is non-allergic.