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    All Natural @Better4U Pizza

    Every season at Food Fete, you can be sure to find some delicious snacks and foods that are tasty and good for you. One of the latest discoveries is BETTER4U pizza. It boasts of full flavor and can makes frozen pizza a fast and easy way to still eat healthy!

    This is the wood fired pepperoni pizza we had!  Looks scrumptious and tasted so good.

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    • Five varieties of Multigrain Gluten Free Pizza (Certified by the GFCO)
      • One of which is Vegan (Dairy Free/Gluten-Free)
    • Four varieties of Multigrain Wood Fired Thin Crust pizza
    • Two varieties of Ultra-Thin Multigrain Sprouted Grain Pizza (which will become our newest products when rolled out in late Spring)

    Even though I don’t have a gluten allergy, I loved these pizza and would definitely get them again because they are lower in calories, sodium and fat compared to ‘regular’ frozen pizza available.

    phone april 1190Find out where to get some on http://www.better4ufoods.com/