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    Drink @Raawfoods

    Florida juice company is really shaking up the drink world with their veggie + fruit smoothie shakes!

    From inception, Raw Foods International has looked for a means to attract consumers who are looking for deliciously natural alternatives when seeking a beverage from their local store shelf. With this in mind, great tasting, deliciusly natural quality fruit and vegetable juice blends were created and it Tastes RAAW® Juices contain no artificial coloring or flavoring, no added sugar and no preservatives. In addition, each product is Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher and are Non-GMO verified.

    RAAW® Juices carry all the necessary attributes of healthy, natural, great tasting and altogether good-for-you products that today’s everyone craves for!

    Pineapple + Cucumber

    Passion Fruits + Wheat Grass

    Cranberry Ginger

    Raspberry Lemongrass

    Better Beets

    Carrot Lemonade

     Yum!  www.raawfoods.com

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    No Impact Man

    I am always on the look out for great documentaries and educational stuff to watch. This is my version of ‘reality’ tv. See what you think:

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    Cucumber Water

    Spa lovers and normal people alike know the benefits of drinking lots and lots of water. My grandma has a tough time with this because she said she doesn’t want to have to go pee all the time!  Other people have a hard time with this because they don’t like the taste of water.  Well, I love to drink bottle water, especially Dasani – it’s kind of sweet. But here are some great ways to jazz up your water and hopefully increase your water intake. Your skin and organs will thank you later.  Hi cucumber and goodbye lemon!
    Water is so so so important and here are some ways to help you drink more!

    A very smart lady by the name of Kim Vallee is all about ‘Spa Water Recipes’. So here are some of her favorite recipes + pics

    Cut 10 cucumber slices for one branch of fresh rosemary.
    Put the cucumber and rosemary in a pitch.
    Fill the half of the pitcher with ice cubes. Fill with water.
    Let it macerate in the fridge for 24 hours before serving

    Slice one orange.
    Spread some lemon juice on 2-3 slices of green apple
    Put the apple, the orange, and half a lemon juice in a large pitcher.
    Fill the half of the pitcher with ice cubes.
    Fill with water.
    Let it rest 24 hours in the fridge before serving.

    HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected! Follow this blog!

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    When my family came to visit me, they went crazy at the supermarket and loaded my fridge up so much produce I had to buy a juicer. This is 1 giant papaya + 4 pears, 1/2 lemon and some pineapple.

    I got a new juicer yay! I was going to go to Target but got lazy so just got this one at a local bodega for $30.

    one side pulp, one side juice

    It did kinda get messy but…

    delicious nonetheless! Yummy

    Clean up in a jiffy and we are off to the races!

    *gulp gulp gulp* juicy!