Strawberry Teeth Whitening

I’ve naturally had pretty white of teeth. I rarely, almost never, drink sodas. Coffee is a rarity depending if I can wake up with enough time to make myself a cup. Wine is well you know the jist. But I still can’t seem to have perfect pearly whites that I want. Teeth staining, I think, is kind of unavoidable in life so instead of spending oodles of money on bleaching at the dentist or buying those tedious white strips I suggest using my method. Now I know lots of people are used to using the strips or getting the bleach done but for those that are thinking about whitening their teeth or those that want to try another way, read on!
This at home teeth whitening remedy consists of using strawberries and baking soda. The malic acid in the strawberries acts as an astringent to help remove the stains on your teeth. You could try eating strawberries all day long and i’m sure see results after a while but adding the baking soda kick starts the process.
In a bowl, mash up the strawberries until they’re pulpy then mix in some baking soda. Put the mixture on your teeth for 5 minutes then remove by brushing your teeth with toothpaste. If you have strawberry seeds stuck in your teeth a little floss with clean that right up! You can do this once or twice a week depending on if your teeth are sensitive and how fast you want to see results.
Now obviously this won’t get you results as fast as the traditional ways but for those that just want to brighten up that smile gradually I strongly recommend this. Plus, who doesn’t love strawberries. I’m currently obsessed with strawberries. The California Strawberries  I’ve found recently are the best I’ve had.. hence why I keep blogging about them. It must be true… everything from California is better 🙂 Read more about this super fruit!

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