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    2016 Gift Guide for the Outdoor Guy

    Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! It is really hard to find presents for people nowadays. Especially if the guy craves and experience more than ‘stuff’. With the convenience of Amazon and the ever changing trends, we found some ‘sure-win’ items that are timeless, useful and perfect for your ‘outdoorsy’ guy on your list!

    1. Canyon Tech Joggers:

    Loaded with technical features but with style that takes the design to the streets, these joggers will be a pair to live in. With excellent stretch recovery, these quick dry, moisture wicking pants feature a drawstring waist and articulated knees to stay comfortable are resist slipping. Well-placed pockets and reflective tape make them a must for the commuter cyclist.

    turbo2. ToughTested Charger:


    The leader in mobile power and durable, rugged tech accessories, have applications for traveling, families, construction workers, truckers, teens, and college students. Anyone who is very rough on cables or other tech accessories will find comfort in the long-lasting benefits of ToughTested products. ToughTested Rugged battery pack – Thrown from a building and run over twice by an 18-wheeler, this battery pack will still work and can charge your device four to five times without charging the device itself. Also available in solar powered packs with 10,000 mAh and15,000 mAh. ToughTested Pro cables – Encased in a P.E.T polymer for abrasion and chemical resistance, ToughTested’s braided cables are strong enough to withstand nearly anything. Tested at 3-5 times the industry standard, these cables are long enough for an efficient charge and strong enough to last you a lifetime. All cables are MFI certified by Apple and the Micro-USB tips are reversible to prevent wear and tear between the device and the charging connection.

    3. DerMend® Moisturizing Bruise Formula:

    Tough guys get bruises! This is something they need to have in their bathroom. Even as much as they pretend that a fall didn’t hurt that much, the bruise will definitely need help helping. DerMend is a dermatologist recommended cream, helps restore and rejuvenate the skin’s natural barrier to improve the appearance of bruised skin through its set of ingredients. DerMend® Moisturizing Bruise Formula is filled with ceramides, retinol, arnica oil and glycolic acid to rejuvenate the skin’s barrier that may have been lost due to aging, sun exposure and certain medications.  Apply it onto the affected areas twice a day to improve the appearance of bruises and soften skin.


    Outdoorsy guys definitely need to do their laundry after their adventures in the great outdoors. Understanding that the laundry and cleaning aisles were exclusively full of products fragranced, packaged and marketed to women, Hero™ Clean was born from that void in the marketplace for the more than 100 million men buying cleaning products. Hero™ Clean’s household items currently include laundry detergent, all-purpose spray cleaner, liquid dish soap, and odor eliminating spray.