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    (TO) Ukamaku Media Launch

    Ukamaku is a online fashion store and community, promoting Canadian fashion designers to the world. They celebrated the official launch of their new website yesterday. I met and talked with some of the designers featured on the website and saw some of the selected pieces from their collection.

    This is Tarek with the lovely Nella Bella handbag line

    Tarek is the Creative director and head designer of Nella Bella. I had a blast talking with Tarek about this environmentally friendly line (they use Vegan materials). I LOVED his collection♥♥ & his warm personality! Thanks for the goodie Tarek.

    David (fashion designer of Worth by David C Wigley) is holding one of his most popular item, I call it the “the gold studded sweater” (I like it). He uses natural/sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo rayon.

    My favourite dresses from Heidi Ackerman’s Collection! Oh…..I should have taken pictures of her funky tights!! It was see through (Scandalous!), you can kinda see it in the back. Heidi uses hand and machine knitting techniques.

    I loved designer Natalie Good’s Andy Hall Collection. The first thing she said to me was “My clothes look better on people, and not on the hanger cause people aren’t flat” (she’s right cause she was ROCKIN that blazer from her line). Her use of soft fabrics and casual fits are what makes her clothes comfortable and stylish.

    This is one of many dresses from Paris Li’s S/S 2011 collection. Beautiful colors used on the laser printed silk dresses and tops!

    (L) Breeyn McCarney’s….pretty YELLOW dress (R) The Paddock by Carrie Hayes with a drape shoulder dress…Oooh fun!

    Lovely Pieces by Emily Woudenberg


    Me & Gail McInnes (Director, Magnet creative)
    Looking for Christmas ideas? Check out their Christmas Sale 

    Thanks for the invite!

    Tash xo

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