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    Beautify Your Skin From Within With HELLO BEAUTIFUL

    Who doesn’t want a clear, glowing complexion? Slathering on serums and creams and staying out of the sun can only do so much. And taking ingestible collagen alone—while currently a big trend in the wellness community—has a lot of experts unconvinced. So when the product developers at Musely decided to create their own sippable beauty product, they wanted it to have some serious beautifying impact.

    Using big data to run through millions of combinations of plant ingredients, Musely identified the optimal pairing to increase collagen’s potential, jasmine green tea and piperine. They call this revolutionary combo BEAUTY BOOST. This is what gives Musely’s Collagen supplement HELLO BEAUTIFUL its super powers. This power duo of jasmine green tea and piperine has been clinically tested and validated to increase dermal collagen 3x more than collagen alone, and it works faster too. After a 4-week study, participants reported a 23% increase in skin firmness.

    While other supplements need large doses of collagen to be effective, Hello Beautiful’s Beauty Boost allows the use of less collagen with greater effect, leaving plenty of room for other skin-beneficial vitamins, including biotin and antioxidant-rich Vitamins C and E. It’s also rich in Vitamins B and D, which strengthen your immune system and boost energy levels.

    Hello Beautiful is available in Wild Berry and Unsweetened.

    Each box contains 20 sachets and retails between $26-$29 at Musely.com.

    Simply add 1 sachet to 10 oz. water, coffee, or your drink of choice daily to start feeling on top of your game inside and out!