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    What Kind of Pet Parent Are You?

    “You can tell a lot about a person by the type of pet they have,” says Kristen Levin, a pet lifestyle expert and author of Pampered Pets on a Budget. Whether your cat has her own Facebook page or your dog is a regular on Dog-Shaming.com, it’s likely your pet has pawed its way into your heart — and the hearts of your friends and family — and you couldn’t imagine life any other way.

    Take the following quiz to figure out what type of pet parent you are, and then explore the suggested pet care options that best suit both of your needs.

    Pet Quiz! From pageant to hipster, what type of pet parent are you?: Find out on CARE.com

    No surprise here

    You probably hate the word “hipster” and why wouldn’t you? Your unique taste and style aren’t based on current trends, but actual interests. And the fact that it’s now trendy to be hip is pretty annoying. But you and your pet can shake it off. You both have a pretty aloof and independent vibe, so nothing bothers you too much. Your up-and-coming trendy urban area has lots of animals, parks and coffee shops with dog treats at the counter. But you actually lived there before it was cool. You love being outdoors and have contemplated living in Boulder or Portland, somewhere you can ride your bike everywhere and bring your pet to lunch.

    For Dog Owners: You love being outside with your hound, and are always researching new pup-friendly restaurants, cafes and parks.

  • Austin,  WorldWide


    Sup Cole World!!!

    Hope everything is everything and you are having a wonderful holiday season :0). In this blog i will introduce you to Austin’s own Dirtbags Inc a very unique group of artist who i had a chance to recently sit down and interview , ENJOY!

    *DB= Dirtbags

    1) How did the name “Dirtbags” come about?  

    DB- The name “Dirtbags” came from me and my friend, we always used to be like man that’s some dirtbag shit you did right there.  ha.  It was a term that you really don’t hear anymore.   I mean, I like to do dirtbag shit.. I like to drink, women, party, get trashed.. etc.  What I am doing is taking something negative and making it into a positive.

    2) What do most folk assume its about before you even tell them the meaning? 
    DB-I had one person, be like, what is dirtbags?? it doesn’t sound appealing, especially to women.  I just ha said “Positive People Positve Outcomes” that usually turns everybody’s frown upside down.  #dirtbags

    3) Share with us the type of music “Dirtbags Inc” is trying to push out to your fan base and future fan base?

    DB- *Candace Bellamy(rnb/soul)   *Noah Swords King of the Deathmatch (hiphop/veganrap/hipster) as well as our other artist *Qlee and *Cutta

    4)As you know SXSW (South By South West) is one of the BIGGEST events in Austin,TX and even the world. Do you have plans to showcase any of your artist in upcoming SXSW events? 

    DB-YES!!  We will definately be on a few showcases for SXSW. 

    5) Ive actually heard one of QLee’s mixtapes. It was dope, what’s he working on at the moment?

    DB-Thanks.  Qlee is actually working on another mixtape.  He finished up 1..2 many mornings a few months ago, 1..2 many mornings is coming out soon.  This mixtape is going to be real special.  He has a Core DJ from Austin, TX.  DJ Hella Yella whom did a terrific job on the mixtape.  It was definately great having him aboard this project.  The “mysterious girl” video is going to be shot here in the next few weeksThat is going to be something to be on the look out for.  It’s different, sexy, unique, mysterious, classy just a bundle of greatness waiting for your eyes.

    6) Anything else you would want our veiwers to know about Dirtbag Inc? Also where can they keep updated with your movement?
    DB- “Positive People Positive Outcomes” 3PO  Dirtbags INC is not a label or a group.  All of the artists I represent are independent.  www.twitter.com/dirtbaglife  www.facebook.com/dirtbagsinc  www.youtube.com/Thedirtbaglife  I have a website that is under construction right now. www.dirtbaglife.org  For all booking, info and features contact dirtbagsinc@gmail.com
                                        Check out the video below from one of Dirtbags artist QLee

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    Party Rock Life

    An LA based company with swagger on a thousand trillion! I had the pleasure of meeting Tina & Melinda at Area, one of the hottest clubs in West Hollywood. The club is decadent and reminds me Cheval vibe but the size of Maro in Toronto. Check out their fly style.

    They got designer Swine Flu masks! $25 (sold out)

    They got paint splattered Huck Finns ($60)

    and my fave, Party Rock glasses! ($30)

    To check out more: http://partyrocklife.com

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