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    Did I Inspire @KarlLagerfeld to Create Mon Shu Girl @shuuemura?

    Just a few more weeks until Mon Shu Girl products hit stores!  Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura’s much anticipated collection is coming this November. Are you excited? Every hero needs an origin story, and Mon Shu Girl — the animated mascot of Karl Lagerfeld’s upcoming collaboration with Shu Uemura— was conceived after Lagerfeld got a jolt of inspiration from a stack of colorful eye shadows. Or at least that’s what happens in the video below: a cartoon version of the designer starts sketching the character, who comes alive once she’s been colored with the Shu Uemura products Lagerfeld uses for his real-life illustrations. Mon Shu Girl then takes off on a rocket ship — presumably to spread the word about the collaboration. The products will be available in Shu Uemura’s 400 locations worldwide and online in November. (via http://www.fashionologie.com)

    Bonjour! Hello! Konichiwa! I am mon shu girl, Karl Lagerfeld was so inspired by shu uemura he created me. I am on a mission to bring beauty to girls all around the world! Lately, I’ve been curious and eager to pop out the atelier of Karl.

    Wait… am “i” the Mon Shu Girl? :]


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