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    Great Holiday Sweet Treats For Everyone

    Holiday is a sweet season, for families, for friends, and for real sweet cookies and candies! I have some great holiday sweets ideas to tell you. You can bring these sweet treats to let every family member enjoy it together!

    Chef Jack’s Kitchen featuring Skonies

    It’s a cookie that thinks it’s a scone. Skonies are Chef Jack’s idea of taking \u0003 sugar cookie recipe from his cookbook, “Twist it Up”, and combining it with a traditional scone recipe. Using only wholesome and pure ingredients Skonies are bursting with the flavor and texture of a scone but with the crunch \u0003of a cookie.

    Jack has always loved being in the kitchen cooking and creating new recipes. In 2016, Jack had the idea of crossing a cookie with a scone. He got so inspired He spent the next two years perfecting and developing his idea. Jack wanted the delicious taste and texture of a scone in the small bite of a cookie. The result are his deliciously unique Skonies. Baked in small batches, Skonies are made with only the highest quality, all natural ingredients. His commitment is to make tasty snacks that will inspire you to live your dreams and to believe that anything is possible.

    I recommend Vanilla Bean / Cinnamon Sugar Combo 4-Pack, it’s $15.00. You can get both of Chef Jack’s flavors in one awesome box! You’ll receive two bags of each flavor, Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Sugar. You will love it for sure – because it is super tasty, full of flavor, but not too sweet. That is the perfect sweets for me!


    Who doesn’t like gummy candy? Sour or sweet, but incredibly tasty, it’s easy to throw down a pack of candy in one sitting. But for those who are trying to keep sugar out of their diets, candy may be the devil. But not with SmartSweets! SmartSweets candy gives you the taste you crave, without the sugar-guilt!

    Why SmartSweets Has Regular Candy Whipped:

    • Just three grams of sugar per bag – 85% less than your average candy!
    • SmartSweets #KickSugar candies include Fruity Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Bears, Sour Blast Buddies (Vegan) and Sweet Fish (Vegan)
    • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Allergen friendly
    • Free from artificial Anything—say goodbye to artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners
    • Free from Sugar Alcohols
    • No Artificial Anything
    • Made in the USA

    Also, for those still working on last minute holiday gifts searching, check out their super cute holiday packaging—ugly Christmas sweaters filled with snowmen and Christmas trees that taste like pineapple and strawberry—it doesn’t get better tasting than that!

    Find SmartSweets holiday Ugly Christmas Sweater SKUS in-stores nationwide at WholeFoods, Amazon, and all of SmartSweets Kick Sugar candy in 7,500 stores across Canada & the USA!

    Allie’s GlutenFree Goodies

    You should have Allie’s GlutenFree Goodies for consideration for fall baked goods round-ups.  Perfect for the any holiday get together (kids or adults) and perfect treat for anyone in your life that is Gluten Freeintolerant, Celiac Sensitive, or for that person that is on Keto, Paleo, Whole 30 or just wants to eat less wheat, dairy etc. These goodies are also perfect for a schools – safe and no stress or worries if any child is allergic.

    Allie’s is a full-service bakery on Long Island that offers kosher, nut freeglutenfree, dairy-free, shellfish free, legume-free goods. Allie herself has celiac, ulcerative colitis and a ton of other stuff. And she has two kids with restrictive diets. She has met kids that never get to have cookies or cakes because of nut allergies, gluten allergies and milk allergies. Allie’s GFG is Kosher too. So she created a bakery that could help everyone, not just those with a gluten intolerance. For a complete list of all her goodies check out her website. www.alliesgfg.com or call for special orders.