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    Lulu Painted A Giant Halloween Paleta for Holy Paleta in Little Italy San Diego

    Happy Halloween, friends!

    (art by Lulu Live Art)

    Lulu was invited by Holy Paleta to paint a giant Halloween paleta mural in Little Italy San Diego. The mural paleta is illustrated as Holly Paleta’s Halloween special flavor.

    This purple Halloween Paleta’s flavor is Taro Oreo, with chocolate dip and sprinkles. It is amazingly delicious.

    Lulu had so much fun painted this big paleta. She used outdoor mural paint and mixed the color to be a purple taro color. And of course a nice creamy brown color for the milk chocolate dip. She added chocolate sprinkles by painting three different shades of brown colors on the top of the milk chocolate dip. The last, she painted the eyes, month and stitches on, to make the paleta spooky and cute.

    Other than the paleta mural sculpture, you can also find greeting cards with Lulu’s illustrations selling in the store. It is perfect gift for someone who is addicted to this delicious treat.

    You can find so many different paleta flavors in Holy Paleta. They all look so yummy. We call paleta the heaven on a stick for a reason, they deserve this beautiful name.

    About Holy Paleta:

    Inspired by the traditional frozen treats of Michoacán, Holy Paleta Handcrafted Paletas are made with All-Natural, Premium Ingredients and are bursting with tasty toppings for a one-of-a-kind treat limited only by your imagination.

    They are bringing paletas to the people in a bold new way, taking delicious risks to create authentic yet unique pops that would get just as much love from the ancestors as they do on the ‘gram.

    Holy Paleta pops delight, surprise and make your taste buds sing out, “Holy Paleta!” after every bite.

    So go ahead and try one (or two or three) and let’s get poppin’!