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    A Bit of Fresh: @Febreze #Noseblind Event

    With closed windows and stuffy living rooms, NYC apartments really need a pick me up in the dead of winter. Febreze is a staple in any pet household and ours is of no exception. Tai stopped by the media invite for the NYC event for Febreze, enjoy his review below:

    Car service to events in this cold weather is definitely a nice touch! The day started well and ended just as good (with car service back home.) The event was very well put together, from the second I stepped out of the car service someone called me by name and escorted me to the list at the door and I was led in. The Loft event space was beautiful and was a great venue to experience the event.

    IMG_1364 IMG_1366 IMG_1368 IMG_1384 IMG_1386Once inside there were quite a few stations to check out. I made a custom dog tag for Jacob, took a green screen picture on a half dog half couch thing, played with some brilliant dogs from ASPCA and got to hang out a bit with Jane Lynch.

    IMG_1387 IMG_1388 IMG_1399 IMG_1402 IMG_1429 IMG_1436 IMG_1451

    The event was very well put together and felt very on brand. The food spread was very nice, there were two press stations and Jane Lynch had a big enough personality and professional charm to command the attention of the room the entire event.

    IMG_1456 IMG_1462-1

    Jane sat down with HeyDoYou along with 3 other Blogs and chopped it up with us about funk, Febreze and wet dog smells.   I was very impressed with her professional and polite demeanor. She is a Class Act and a great ambassador for Febreze!   IMG_1467Look its French Toast!

    The tone of the event was light and upbeat, amazing little macaroons, great space, well executed, played with puppies and HeyDoYou was able to sit down with Jane Lynch….. Febreze put together a great event for #Noseblind. If you want to win a sample of Febreze, just tweet us and we will send you a bottle! 🙂


    A global 2014 survey from Atomik Research concluded that pet odor is enormously important to both residents and guests. To the embarrassment of pet-owners nationwide, guests have a keen ability to detect any stink: nearly half of those surveyed (48 percent) said that they could make out someone’s home simply by the odor alone – particularly if they have pets. In fact, pet smells were ranked as the second most offensive smell within a home (ranking just below garbage and just above smoke). The majority (60 percent) of pet owners agree, however, that they would hate it if they thought their guests were thinking their homes smelled of animals.

    Cincinnati, OH (FEBRUARY 25, 2015) – Febreze® has teamed up with actor and comedian Jane Lynch to encourage dialogue about a naturally occurring condition that affects many (if not most) pet owners: noseblindness. The condition occurs naturally over time when a person becomes accustomed to surrounding smells, whether it’s a dog bed or kitty litter box, and can no longer easily detect those distinct odors – but their guests can.

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    Febreze helps pet owners get guest-ready by safely eliminating odors in their home that they are noseblind to with Febreze Air Effects, Fabric Refresher and Car Vent Clip – all of which meet the standard for inclusion on the ASPCA Pet Friendly Living product list when used as directed. With the help of Jane Lynch, Febreze is prompting pet lovers nationwide to talk about what their guests really smell.