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    @ApplegateFarms – Yummy in my Tummy

    I got this package last week and it was from the people at Applegate. I am familiar with this brand because there are a ton of organic supermarkets in West Village.  I love me some hot dogs and breakfast sausage links and now I found a healthy, humane and junk-free brand. Yipee. I am always curious about brands and always read labels. This media Kit Applegate sent me tells me their story… Here is what it boils down to and that’s why I love them. Straight forward and delicious.

    I actually don’t have a preference or knowledge of deli meat. Applegate offers a wide selection of organic and natural deli meats – more than 25 choices – either pre-sliced/packaged or by the pound at the deli counter.  In addition to deli meat, Applegate offers pre-sliced and bulk all-natural cheese, organic and natural hot dogs, sausages and bacon and a variety of frozen meat products like chicken nuggets and beef and turkey burgers. Whether it’s from the deli case or the freezer section, all products are antibiotic-free with no artificial ingredients. I guess because now that I am familiar with Applegate, it will be my brand of choice.

    The kit came with a USB with all the company info, a coloring book and some coupons. I am surely gonna redeem them this week! 🙂

    Find out more: Changing the Meat America Eats: Organic & Natural – No antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial ingredients or chemical nitrites – Humanely Raised – Gluten Free